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Dynata’s Survey Router – SSIsurveys.com

Ssisurveys is a survey router used by a market research provider called Dynata. You might have been forwarded to one of the following URLs:

  • ssisurveys.com
  • dkr1.ssisurveys.com
  • confirmit.ssisurveys.com

If you have encountered these URLs, you’ve most likely clicked on a link to take a survey. This means you have been forwarded to a survey managed by the market research company Dynata. Respondents from a number of different sources are feeding into Dynata’s survey router ssisurveys.com.

Note that ssisurveys is not a survey site you can log in to for additional surveys. However, if you’re an avid survey taker signed up for several panels, you’re likely to frequently encounter the url ssisurveys.com when redirected to take online surveys.

Here are a few of the many communities linked to Dynata‘s ssisurveys.com domain:

  • OpinionOutpost
  • OpinionMiles Club
  • OpinionWorld

In addition, Ssisurveys is connected to other survey marketplaces, such as:

  • YourSurveys (Cint)
  • Asia Cloud Panel (GMO Research)
  • SpectrumSurveys (PureSpectrum)
  • Samplicio.us (Lucid)
  • Sample Cube (Schlesinger)
  • Peanut Labs (Dynata)


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What is ssisurveys?

Ssisurveys.com is part of Dynata’s programmatic survey router, redirecting respondents from their network of sources to online questionnaires.

Confirmit Ssisurveys

If you see the subdomain confirmit.ssisurveys.com it means the survey is hosted and scripted by Dynata.

Dkr1 Ssisurveys

If you see the dkr1.ssisurveys.com URL it means you are redirected through Dynata’s survey platform.

What does ssisurveys stand for?

The ssisurveys.com domain was originally registered by the company Survey Sampling International (SSI), representing “SSI Surveys”. Later, SSI rebranded to Dynata, but the same domain continued to be used to host surveys.

Is ssisurveys.com legit?

Ssisurveys is part of the legit market research business, Dynata. Dynata is a US-based company with brick-and-mortar offices in several countries with hundreds of employees. At the same time, it always makes sense to pay close attention to the privacy policy and terms when submitting information to a new site.

Is my data safe with Ssisuveys?

If you’re taking a survey and notice the domain ssisurveys.com, you’re most likely taking a survey on behalf of Dynata. This means that you should pay attention to the privacy policy if you’re concerned about how your data is used by Dynata. In general, when taking market research surveys your private information such as email address and phone number will be kept confidential, while your survey answers will be shared with the 3rd party clients. However, companies such as Dynata can also share your personal data for market research purposes if they have your consent to do so.

Top Marketplaces

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PeanutLabs Review Summary
Surveys facilitated through PeanutLabs tend to be plentiful, short and easy, however, you'll frequently waste time getting screened out. The payment is usually low (peanuts) towards the lower end of the scale compared with similar panel companies.
Survey Experience
Survey Matching
Incentive Level
Redeeming Rewards
  • This is a great way for you to make extra cash, but it's not a sure-fire way to get rich.
  • You can take your surveys whenever and wherever you want.
  • It is very simple to find open surveys
  • A legit company with well-written surveys
  • Frequently screened out of the survey
  • Low incentives
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Research for Good
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SaySoRewards Review Summary
Taking surveys through SaySo Rewards is usually a mixed experience. Rewards are low, and it's hard to qualify. We love their focus on charities but wish for more transparency and concrete results from their work.
Survey Experience
Survey Matching
Incentive Level
Redeeming Rewards
  • Proceeds go to charity
  • Many survey opportunities
  • Hard to qualify
  • Low pay per survey
  • Lack of transparency

Can I register on Ssisurveys?

No, Ssisurveys.com is a domain used to host and redirect respondents, not as a portal where respondents can join a panel.


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Dynata’s Survey Router – SSIsurveys.com
Dynata’s Survey Router – SSIsurveys.com
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