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SpectrumSurveys Review

Have you taken surveys and seen the link spectrumsurveys.com pop up, wondering what type of company it is? We’ll help you understand what this site is all about.

Spectrumsurveys.com is run by a business called PureSpectrum, which is one of the leading marketplaces for online market research. Their platform connects respondents from many different sources with buyers of market research.

PureSpectrum does not manage or run online communities but purely acts as a facilitator or “respondent exchange”. On the one hand, they enable market research buyers to access a massive audience of online respondents.

On the other hand, they also provide online panellists with extra survey opportunities. From that perspective, spectrumsurveys.com is not a survey site that you can sign up for and join, but a company that has signed an agreement with a community you already are a member of.

Is SpectrumSurveys legit?

Yes, this platform is part of a legit business called PureSpectrum serving the market research industry with respondents and survey data.

What is PureSpectrum?

PureSpectrum is a market research company that operates an online panel of individuals who participate in surveys and other research studies.

The company claims to provide accurate and reliable data to businesses and organizations in order to help them make informed decisions about product development, marketing strategies, and other aspects of their operations. They also offer a platform for businesses to access their data and insights in real-time. They are based in the United States.

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