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In this review, we’ll dive into the advantages and drawbacks of using inBrain when taking surveys. While the allure of enticing rewards may catch your eye, it’s essential to weigh the downsides carefully before investing your time in this platform. We aim to provide you with a comprehensive assessment of whether inBrain is a worthwhile use of your valuable time.

Is inBrain legit?

This is a platform that walks the line between legitimacy and its downsides. Importantly, it’s not a scam; users can rest assured that it doesn’t engage in fraudulent activities. Additionally, the fact that inBrain does not require users to provide sensitive financial information, such as credit card numbers, is a significant relief in the realm of online opportunities.

inBrain is also operated by a reputable company, and its surveys are generally considered secure to participate in. inBrain’s parent company is the well-established market research provider, Dynata, based out of Plano, Texas.

However, it’s crucial to note that inBrain is accessible through various websites and apps, and not all of these can be vouched for as legitimate. For instance, some of the reward sites featuring inBrain surveys are known for account restrictions, sluggish payment processes, and high payout thresholds.

Understanding the Concept

inBrain serves as a platform closely intertwined with the Dynata marketplace, guiding users from diverse websites and apps towards engaging in market research surveys. Let’s demystify the process using a fictional reward site, “,” as our example:

1. Users eagerly sign up for SurveyChampion, anticipating rewards for their valuable time and opinions.

2. They navigate to the survey offerwall, hoping for a rewarding experience.

3. By clicking on inBrain, operated by Dynata, they are directed to the actual surveys.

4. Users earnestly complete these surveys, investing their time and insights.

5. Upon completion, they are returned to SurveyChampion, where their journey began.

Now, let’s delve into the payment structure with a practical example:

Suppose Dynata receives $2 from their client after the survey respondent finishes the survey. In this scenario, SurveyChampion, acting as a partner of Dynata, claims 50% of the earnings, equating to $1. However, the survey taker, the driving force behind the process, receives only $0.35 credited to their virtual account on SurveyChampion. To redeem this amount, they must accumulate $10, failing which, they receive nothing. This example closely mirrors the reality of the market research industry based on our extensive experience.

This seemingly modest reward for the survey taker raises a pertinent question. Why do survey takers, who contribute significantly to the effort, receive such a small portion of the payment originally made by the market research client? Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence in the market research industry and not unique to inBrain or Dynata. It reflects the standard practice across survey sites and many businesses, aiming to maximize their profits without overextending their payouts.

How to Sign Up for inBrain?

Direct registration with inBrain isn’t available; you must go through one of Dynata’s partner sites or apps. Here are some examples of reward sites that have partnered with inBrain/Dynata:

– Swagbucks
– Testerup
– TheoremReach
– Fusion Cash
– instaGC
– Earnably
– SaySo Rewards
– MarketAgent
– PrizeRebel

The Dynata Marketplace: An Analogy with Ad Networks

The Dynata Marketplace can be likened to an advertising network, with some parallels to Google Ads:

Both Dynata and Google Ads serve as intermediaries, bridging the gap between the two parties. In Dynata’s case, it connects market researchers with websites and apps that monetize users willing to participate in surveys. Similarly, Google Ads connects advertisers with publishers seeking to display ads on their websites or apps. Both platforms create a marketplace where buyers and sellers can interact to exchange their services.

Both Dynata and Google Ads rely heavily on data to optimize their platforms. Dynata utilizes data to match respondents with the most relevant surveys, while Google Ads employs data to target ads to the most suitable audiences. Both platforms operate with a data-driven approach, employing algorithms to assess user behaviour and make real-time decisions on survey or ad placement.

Additionally, both Dynata and Google Ads employ a revenue-sharing model, taking a share of the transaction between buyers and sellers. Dynata charges market researchers a fee for access to its respondent pool, while Google Ads bills advertisers based on clicks or impressions of their ads.

Addressing Data Privacy Concerns

Given Dynata’s reputable standing as a legitimate market research company, it’s reasonable to assume that your survey responses and personal data are handled with care when engaging in surveys on inBrain. However, this is where matters become intricate.

In most cases, Dynata isn’t the primary custodian of your personal data; this responsibility falls upon the website where you initially signed up. Moreover, the ultimate data analyzer isn’t Dynata itself, but rather their client.

This arrangement can be puzzling for the average survey participant, who lacks control over the destination and utilization of their data. While many surveys are conducted anonymously, this is not always guaranteed. Sometimes, a combination of your survey responses might inadvertently unveil your identity, even if you haven’t explicitly disclosed personal details like your name or phone number.

Getting Paid by inBrain

inBrain doesn’t directly pay survey participants; payments are facilitated through the website or app where you initially signed up. Therefore, if you have inquiries or concerns, you’ll need to address them with the site that presented you with the survey, typically a reward site like Swagbucks or Testerup.

Pros and Cons of

While inBrain presents certain merits, it also comes with potential downsides:

The Pros:

inBrain’s mobile-friendly interface allows users to conveniently take surveys on their smartphones or tablets. Moreover, the platform offers a diverse array of survey topics, enabling participants to select surveys that align with their

interests or expertise. The fact that Dynata is a member of the Insights Association is a positive sign, reflecting their commitment to ethical research practices and industry standards.

Since Dynata operates a marketplace, participants are virtually guaranteed a continuous stream of survey opportunities. By connecting thousands of market research buyers with millions of survey takers, inBrain offers more opportunities to take paid surveys than smaller sites.

The Cons:

On the downside, qualifying for surveys on inBrain can be challenging. Many users report spending substantial time answering screening questions, only to discover they are ineligible for the actual survey. Additionally, survey compensation on inBrain tends to be relatively low compared to other survey sites, necessitating participation in numerous surveys to earn a substantial amount.

Another potential concern with inBrain is the prevalence of third-party surveys. Most surveys are hosted by other companies, which makes it challenging to discern precisely how your data is utilized and by whom.

It’s crucial to highlight that many inBrain users have reported issues related to account restrictions and false positive detections. inBrain is known for its stringent enforcement of rules and policies, leading to account blocks or suspensions on various grounds, including suspected fraud or terms of service violations.

While this strict approach aims to prevent fraudulent behaviour and uphold survey result integrity, it can also result in numerous false positives. Some users have experienced account blocks or suspensions for apparently no reason, even after providing evidence to substantiate their honesty and legitimacy.

This can be a frustrating experience, as it may result in the forfeiture of earned rewards and the inability to participate in future surveys.

It’s essential for survey sites to implement measures against fraud and maintain result quality. However, it’s equally important for Dynata to ensure transparency and fairness in enforcing these measures.

3Expert Score Review
In conclusion, InBrain offers appealing features like mobile-friendliness, a variety of survey topics, and a robust marketplace, guaranteeing a steady stream of survey opportunities. Nevertheless, it's vital to be aware of potential drawbacks, including qualification challenges, modest compensation, ambiguous data-sharing practices, and the risk of account restrictions and false positive detections.
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Many different survey topics
  • Frequent survey opportunities
  • Accounts frequently blocked
  • Hard to qualify
  • Low compensation
  • Mostly 3rd party surveys
  • Hard to understand how data is shared


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