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What is TheoremReach?

TheoremReach is an audience network made up of thousands of third-party mobile apps and websites connecting users with insights firms, enabling them to earn rewards in real time for participating in market research. Note that you cannot sign up to TheoremReach as a survey participant – the main function is to be a technology provider redirecting you to take surveys.

What is TheoremReach?

TheoremReach is a mobile research and survey platform that helps businesses and researchers reach and engage with mobile app users. The company is based in the United States and was founded in 2013. TheoremReach’s platform provides a way for businesses and researchers to access a panel of mobile app users, enabling them to conduct research and surveys, and gain insights into their target audience.

TheoremReach’s services include:

  • Mobile research: TheoremReach allows businesses and researchers to conduct research and surveys with mobile app users.
  • In-app Surveys: TheoremReach’s platform allows businesses and researchers to conduct surveys within mobile apps, which allows them to reach their target audience in a more engaging way.
  • Targeted sampling: TheoremReach’s platform allows businesses and researchers to target specific groups of mobile app users based on demographics, behaviours, and interests.
  • SDK: TheoremReach also provides a software development kit (SDK) that allows mobile app developers to easily integrate surveys into their apps.

What does “theorem” mean?

A theorem is a statement or proposition that has been proven to be true through logical reasoning or mathematical proof. In mathematics, a theorem is a statement that is proven using mathematical logic, such as mathematical induction or deduction and is considered to be a fundamental building block of mathematical knowledge. In other fields, such as philosophy and computer science, theorems may be proven using different methods. A theorem is usually expressed in a formal and precise way, and it can be written in a mathematical language such as symbolic logic or natural language. Theorems are often used to make predictions or to explain why certain things happen in the natural world.

How does it work?

TheoremReach is an online survey platform that accepts users from all demographics and is especially advantageous for Americans because of the high demand for survey participants. While the survey platform itself is free, it directs users to other websites where they can complete their surveys. Theoremreach surveys are usually related to the interests of the user, which makes the experience even more worthwhile.

Is TheoremReach legit?

TheoremReach is run by a legit company. Note that TheoremReach is not a survey site. Instead, it acts as a gateway to third-party surveys. TheoremReach will redirect you to those sites automatically. Once you have completed a study, you can collect rewards by simply logging in to the account which prompted you to take the study in the first place. You will only get paid if you qualify for a survey and answer all the questions.

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