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What is

Sample Cube is Schlesinger’s survey router redirecting respondents to and from their surveys. In this way, Sample Cube acts as an exchange where Schlesinger’s respondents are redirected to third-party surveys, while also third-party research companies are able to access Schlesinger’s respondents.

Why do I see

Survey sites often use online marketplaces to connect respondents with research buyers. Sample Cube is a part of Schlesinger Group, which is a provider of market research data. As part of taking surveys, you’ll often experience getting redirected from one URL to another. This is completely normal, as most survey sites work with 3rd party partners as part of their business model.

Are my data safe?

While it’s normal for you to be redirected to third party survey-sites when filling in online questionnaires, it’s also important to err on the side of caution and keep an eye on the privacy policy when signing up. While your survey answers may be shared with market research buyers, your private identifiers such as email address and phone number should be kept confidential with the site you are signing up to. A recognized market research provider like Schlesinger is expected to adhere to the data privacy laws in each specific region.

Are there any downsides?

On one side, survey exchanges such as Sample Cube contribute to respondents getting broader access to take surveys. On the other side, you’ll often experience being screened out of a survey when redirected through a sample exchange. This is because the survey provider and panel site are connected through API-calls which are not perfectly matched. While you might have provided all your demographic information to your survey site, this information is not always transferred to an externally connected research buyer. In this way, you might risk getting a mismatch and being screened out of the survey because you’re not fulfilling the sample criteria.

Is Sample Cube legit?

Yes, Sample Cube is run by a reputable market research company and is considered legit.

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