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Is YouSurveys safe?

Have you just been forwarded to and now you wonder if it’s a scam? YouSurveys is a domain used by the Cint marketplace platform to direct respondents from their network of sources to their clients’ surveys. Respondents from a number of different sources are feeding into As such, YouSurveys is not a survey site you can log in to take additional surveys. However, if you’re an avid survey taker signed up to several panels you’re likely to see the domain pop up several times when surveys are on different sites.

Is YouSurveys legit?

Yes, YouSurveys is run by a legit business. The owner of YouSurveys is called Cint AB and is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange.  The Swedish company is one of the largest providers of market research data with offices in all major hubs across the globe.

Tell me more about Cint

CINT is a company that provides a survey platform for market research companies and businesses. The platform allows users to create, distribute, and analyze surveys. It also provides features such as sample management, data visualization and reporting, and panel management. For example, CINT’s panel management feature allows businesses to access a pre-built sample of participants for their research, making reaching a specific target audience easier. It also allows users to integrate with other research tools, such as Qualtrics, SurveyMonkey, and Google Analytics.

Is my personal data safe with YouSurveys?

If you’re just passing through redirected from one site to the other, your personal data such as name and email address should normally not be shared with any 3rd party. The only data which will be shared are the answers you submit when taking surveys along with a few automated data points such as your IP address and device ID. The survey results are analysed on an aggregate level by the market research clients of Cint (the owner of YouSurveys).

What to watch out for

If you are caught filling out false information or providing gibberish answers in the surveys, you might get suspended from taking surveys. So pay attention to the questions, and make sure to fill in answers consistently. As an example, if you provide different dates of birth you might get flagged and blacklisted. This means you’ll also lose any rewards you’ve accumulated.

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YouSurveys is part of the Cint platform, connecting survey-takers with market research buyers. It's simply a domain used to redirect you from the original website or app to a paid survey. YouSurveys is not a site where you can log in or sign up.
  • Access to a lot of different survey topics
  • Total flexibility when you want to take surveys
  • Easy way to earn money
  • Low incentives payout for the amount of time spent
  • Lots of screening questions to fill out (without getting paid)
  • Surveys seldom matching with your profile

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