How Does Dynata Collect Personal Data?

If you consider signing up for any of Dynata’s panel communities, you might wonder how the company collects personal data. There are a few ways Dynata collects personal data, and we will discuss the reasons for gathering this information and the consequences if you do not give it. You will find that Dynata collects personal data to provide you with certain services, including market research. In addition to market research, Dynata also collects aggregated data used in advertising research and analytics.

Market Research

Originally born out of the merger between the two online data collection companies, Research Now and Survey Sampling International (SSI), the combined company was rebranded as Dynata in January 2019. Their consumer research data covers the habits and preferences of over 60 million respondents globally. The data generated from their surveys are valuable for improving marketing impact and customer experience and the market research conducted by Dynata consists of a diverse set of surveys and consumer data that allow companies to understand their target markets better.

Dynata collects consumer data based on profiling questions and data collected from respondents answering online surveys. The company aims to connect consumers to marketing ecosystems, providing accurate, connected information that helps marketers spend their advertising more wisely. Dynata’s data enables marketers to understand their customers and target audiences, delivering significant ROI and game-changing insights. They also offer solutions to connect individuals to other parts of the marketing ecosystem. They provide data used for innovation, measurement, marketing, and optimisation. These solutions are essential for identifying and connecting with targeted audiences.

Data Collection

Dynata collects information from various sources, including external third-party panels and proprietary communities. This information may include profile information from individuals who interact with Dynata through these platforms. Dynata also uses cookies to identify the behaviour of its respondents while browsing the internet. Session cookies expire when the user closes their browser, while persistent cookies remain on the device until the cookie is deleted or the date it is set to expire is reached. If you wish, you can configure your browser to inform you when cookies are dropped, but this may also prevent Dynata from collecting Audience Measurement Data.

Personal Identifiable Information (PII) collected by Dynata include data such as name, email address, and postal code. This information is collected and used by Dynata for various purposes, including marketing insights, fraud detection, and demographic data. Individual-level data may also be licensed to other companies by Dynata for other purposes.

Online Surveys

Interested in earning money by taking surveys? Online surveys with Dynata may be an excellent choice for you. You can join one of their many panels and get paid by participating in some of their thousands of yearly surveys. Dynata’s surveys are open to anyone, and you can opt-out at any time.

You’ll earn points based on the number of surveys you complete. The longer a survey is, the more points you can collect. Also, keep in mind that your earnings from Dynata will depend on how much time you’re willing to spend taking surveys. If you’re not sure if you’ll be able to complete a particular survey, you can check your point balance to determine if Dynata is worth joining.

If you’re interested in earning money from online surveys, Dynata’s Opinion World panel is excellent. It offers multiple survey opportunities with an average pay of between $0.50 and $3. You can also earn gift cards. While these rewards are limited, they’re still worth considering. While Dynata isn’t the highest paying survey site, its average earnings are comparable to other leading sites.

Some of Dynata’s key panel brands:

First-Party Data

In a post-cookie world, first-party data is more critical than ever. The growing importance of data for marketing research is underscored by Dynata’s acquisition of creative testing firm Ameritest. The company provides a full range of advertising solutions, including CRM data-matching and targeted panels. Marketers can better understand consumer behaviour and improve their campaigns with first-party data. In addition, Dynata’s new integrated platform makes connecting data sources more accessible than ever.

Dynata’s data platform enables marketers to build custom audiences, scale across 400 media sources, and tailor communications to their specific demographics. Its proprietary algorithm helps customers identify their ideal audience on-demand and uses this list for marketing campaign targeting. The company’s platform also streamlines workflows to allow teams to focus on insight analysis. With Dynata, brands can leverage insights from their audience to improve business performance.

In addition to its first-party data platform, Dynata has launched its Dynata Marketplace, an automated multi-supplier platform to connect with its data providers. The marketplace offers access to over 60 million consumers worldwide, with a unique custom approach that lets clients select data suppliers based on their needs and preferences. The data can be merged to provide insights into the entire consumer life cycle.

Advertising Effectiveness

Companies can use Dynata’s ADimension platform to measure and optimise advertising effectiveness. This solution combines robust first-party data with dynamic dashboard reporting to measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. Through this approach, brands can identify and target their audiences based on what they want to accomplish. For example, Dynata can help marketers identify their target audiences based on their demographics. Companies can create advertising campaigns targeting the most relevant consumer groups by analysing this data.

Ad effectiveness also helps brands measure the ROI of advertising campaigns. It measures whether ads reach the target audience and if they are relevant to the target audience. Ad effectiveness is critical for measuring the impact of advertisements, as more consumers are now blocking ads that they are not interested in. Therefore, advertisers must ensure that their ads are relevant to consumers’ needs. With Dynata’s Advertising Effectiveness, brands can know whether they have reached their target audience.

Dynata works with advertisers to test advertising campaigns and ads on mobile devices. Ads exposed to you on non-Dynata mobile applications and webpages are tracked and then connected to your panel profile. This enables Dynata to connect passively collected data from your internet behaviour with the answers to the questions from surveys you answer.

Data Visualisation`

With a global scale and rich depth, Dynata provides data visualisation and analytics solutions, connected data sources, and innovative automation, reporting, and analysis solutions. Third-party partners assist Dynata in bringing expertise in data integration and storytelling, helping clients transform their operations, uncover competitive advantage, and increase customer engagement.

Dynata has worked with companies across industries and has a proven track record of delivering solutions that empower business leaders to make better decisions.

The Dynata data visualisation platform includes easy-to-use tools to integrate with existing analytics tools or create your own. Because Dynata is an industry leader in first-party consumer data, you’ll be able to connect to their data and leverage it to empower your business decisions. Dynata’s platform provides deep insights into customer behaviour in the healthcare and investment industries. With the help of Dynata, you can create and analyse powerful insights without hiring a data analyst.

Insights Platform

The Dynata Insights Platform is a multi-faceted customer satisfaction tool that unites media, CRM, and advertising solutions in one platform. Its integrated capabilities include audience selection, survey creation, analytics and reporting. The new platform is the first of two phases to help market researchers manage the entire insights lifecycle, from research to execution. This innovative tool also includes market segmentation and third-party sample augmentation.

Using a customer insights platform for education varies from institute to institute. They can create a community of students, alumni, parents, faculty, and management. The data collected from this community is varied. Regardless of the data type collected, the students and alumni provide the most helpful feedback. The information collected can help the institute improve its educational facilities and services.

The company’s research platform includes the Sharpr research tool, which helps researchers surface and share insights with external and internal audiences. It includes custom publishing and sharing tools that help researchers share their research with stakeholders and act on it further. Its capabilities help validate insights for better decision-making. Sharpr integrates with the Dynata Insights Platform to help companies discover, analyse, and share their insights with the right people. This makes it easier for insight teams to use data and insights as an asset.

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