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SaySo Rewards Review 

SaySo Rewards is a survey platform connecting 3rd party communities with market research clients. As compensation for taking surveys, participants usually receive a small reward from the referring site.  

SaySo Rewards is a division of Research for Good, an online market research sample provider founded in 2013. It is a company with a purpose: to end childhood deaths from malnutrition and hunger by making incremental donations for every completed task. 

Is SaySoRewards a legit survey site? 

SaySo Rewards is part of a legitimate American market research provider, Research for Good. The company collaborates with Action For Hunger, which was founded in Paris in 1979 to assist malnourished children. 

What’s the concept?

SaySo Rewards doesn’t recruit respondents through its website. Instead, they offer surveys through reward sites, such as Swagbucks and Testerup. Every time a respondent clicks on an offerwall and completes a survey, SaySo will pay the referring site, which again will (hopefully) pay the respondent. This is similar to how other networks such as Peanut Labs (Dynata) and YourSurveys (Cint) connect to 3rd party publishers.

What sets SaySo apart is that they claim to donate to charity each time a respondent completes a survey. The donation comes in addition to the reward from the site that referred you to SaySo Rewards. We love the concept but wish for more concrete information. How much do they actually donate? Is it a % of revenue, or a fixed amount per survey? Can they refer to any recent charity projects they contributed to?

It would be much more motivating for research participants if SaySo Rewards would be more transparent about their charity work. Unfortunately, their website only speaks in generic terms; “SaySo Rewards equates to meals for hungry children around the world through our charity partner Action Against Hunger.” It all sounds good, but it would be nice to see some concrete results of what they do.

Data Privacy: Any reason for concern? 

All information you provide to SaySo is kept secure and encrypted in a database. Your personal information will never be shared with third parties without your permission.

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SaySoRewards Review Summary
Taking surveys through SaySo Rewards is usually a mixed experience. Rewards are low, and it's hard to qualify. We love their focus on charities but wish for more transparency and concrete results from their work.
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  • Proceeds go to charity
  • Many survey opportunities
  • Hard to qualify
  • Low pay per survey
  • Lack of transparency

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