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What is NewtonX?

NewtonX is a machine-driven expert networking platform that was founded in 2016. NewtonX was initially designed to automate expert network services. It soon shifted to collecting survey data from both professionals and consumers. The firm is now looking to get a piece of the expert network survey market with $15 million of new venture capital.

NewtonX offers more than just core services. It also allows you to engage experts in longer-term, in-person assignments. There is also the option for moderated interviews where outside experts are asked to interview other experts for your client. This increases speed and solves compliance issues.

Two former McKinsey consultants and two CTOs founded the company. One of them is still with McKinsey. NewtonX has more engineers/developers than other expert networks due to its technical core product.

What type of gigs can I earn from?

NewtonX may offer two types of engagements to potential consultants when they reach out to them:

  1. Traditional 1-hour consultation by phone or video with a client about a topic of your expertise.
  2. You can take a short, web-based survey through their platform and earn a fee of anywhere from $20 to $200

NewtonX is one of the most prolific facilitators for paid surveys among expert networks. Surveys focus on business topics such as buying/budget allocation trends or how you see a group of products or companies.

It could be short-form or multiple-choice, ranked, or both. However, it will likely take between 10 and 15 minutes. Registration in the firm’s expert network will double the cost of the survey.

The system will prompt you to enter your payment information after the survey. Payments should be made within 24 hours. A check may take longer. PayPal is also an option.

The initial questions of the survey, which are similar to other expert networks, serve as a screening tool to make sure you meet the client’s criteria. You will not receive the complete survey or be paid for participation if you do not meet the selection criteria. If the quota of experts for your type (firm size and industry, title, currents/formers etc.) has been met, you will be notified. Once the quota of experts for your type (firm size, industry, title, etc.) has been met, you will be asked to complete the survey. You will then be notified and not directed to a page to collect payment information.

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