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Executive Advisory Board Review 

The Executive Advisory Board is a niche B2B survey site, awarding research participants for their professional opinions. We’ve tested the site over a period of 8 weeks to check the pros and cons of signing up. Here are our findings.

Is Executive Advisory Board a legit survey site? 

The Executive Advisory Board is owned by Decision Analyst, a Texas-based market research provider. While you might have not heard of this company before, it’s a legitimate business and a corporate member of the industry body Insights Association.

Data Privacy: Any reason for concern? 

Your personal information will only be shared with third parties, including service providers, with your consent. Clients may also be allowed to collect personal information directly from panel members, provided the disclosure is voluntary. Before collection, the client has entered into a written agreement with the Decision Analyst, which restricts and limits the use of the personal information. Your personal data is kept in private, encrypted, and secure databases. 

How to get started 

To sign up, go to the homepage and click sign up. Enter your name, email, and country, then confirm your email and complete your profile. You can now start receiving survey invites. The panel is available worldwide, provided you are a business professional of a company of any size. Registration is free.

What are the payment options?

You will earn between 700 and 1,000 points for completing a survey and 10 points for screeners. You must have a minimum of 2,500 points ($25) to redeem points. To redeem your points, select a cash-out option. PayPal is available in most countries. 

Is it worth signing up for?

On the positive side, the platform offers a good opportunity for professionals to share their expertise and opinions as subject matter experts within their niche market. The potential to earn extra income is definitely higher than for low-paying consumer survey sites. Cash rewards are also a plus.

However, on the negative side, there are some significant downsides to using Executive Advisory Board. The biggest issue is the high minimum payout threshold of $25, which means users have to accumulate a substantial amount of rewards before they can cash out. This can be frustrating for users who complete surveys but find it difficult to reach the minimum payout amount.

Another issue is the infrequent survey invitations. While the platform offers professional B2B surveys, the number of survey invitations is limited and may not be enough to generate a steady stream of income. This can make it difficult for users to earn rewards consistently.

Since this is a niche B2B survey site, survey criteria are usually very strict only allowing specific professionals such as IT decision-makers and business decision-makers to participate. However, if you belong to a “high-value” B2B audience, you could earn significantly more than through a standard consumer survey site.

In summary, while Executive Advisory Board offers a unique opportunity for professionals to share their expertise and earn extra income, the high minimum payout threshold and infrequent survey invitations are significant drawbacks.

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Executive Advisory Board Review Summary
The Executive Advisory Board is a niche B2B survey site, which can provide some well-paid survey opportunities if you fit with the project criteria. On the negative side, the $25 payment threshold makes it very difficult to reach the redemption level.
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  • Professional survey topics relevant to your experience
  • Higher rewards than standard survey sites
  • Hard to qualify
  • Very high redemption threshold

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