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What is Ridgetop Resarch?

Ridgetop Research is an expert network that specializes in short-term consulting projects. Expert networks are a $1.5 billion industry that caters to institutional investors (management consulting companies, private equity hedge funds, mutual funds etc.) doing market research on a company in preparation for investing. Expert network opportunities usually form a 1-hour telephone consultation between the subject matter specialist and the client. Expert networks allow you to draw on your industry knowledge.

Ridgetop is a mid-sized network of expert networks with offices in New York, New York and Charlotte, North Carolina. Ridgetop offers a variety of services. These include custom recruitment of industry professionals (just as other expert networks). You can also get survey fieldwork done with them. It mostly serves institutional investors, such as mutual funds, private equity, and venture capital companies. Ridgetop has also contracted with Cordium to provide “chaperone” services to its clients to ensure that calls conform to their compliance framework.

Who will you consult with as a subject matter expert?

You will meet institutional investors at Ridgetop. This includes private equity, mutual funds and venture capital firms. They are also bound by strict compliance policies which prevent them from soliciting confidential information. You should have this policy in writing before you call to know what topics you are allowed to discuss. You will rarely be asked for non-public information. Clients won’t pressure you to reveal things you shouldn’t.

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Ridgetop Research
Ridgetop Research
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