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What is Ridgetop Resarch?

Ridgetop Research is an expert network founded by Chip Emery that specializes in ad-hoc consulting projects over the phone, in-person or through online surveys. By facilitating the transfer of knowledge and expertise, they help investment firms and other businesses quickly gain a deep level of knowledge about niche topics.

Types of services

As a relatively small expert network, Ridgetop offers quite a broad range of services:

  • Short ad-hoc expert consultations: With experts in their network (usually in the form of on-hour phone calls).
  • Longer-term engagement: They state that experts “… are recruited for specific projects and remain engaged for as long as a client project lasts.”.
  • Online surveys: Consumer, healthcare, and B2B surveys.
  • Online fieldwork services: Programming and data delivery.
  • Telephone surveys: Also known as CATI 

How do I sign up with Ridgetop Research?

There is no online form to fill out if you want to offer your consulting services to Ridgetop Research. If you have a strong profile within a specific industry, you can always contact them to leave your contact details. However, the standard way for Ridgetop to get in touch with prospective new experts is through LinkedIn. 

Is Ridgetop Research legit?

Yes, this is a legitimate business with brick-and-mortar offices and actual employees. As part of being a legitimate expert network, Ridgetop will take you through compliance training to ensure that your consulting work will not conflict with any obligations towards current or past employers. For example, you would typically not be able to discuss any topics directly related to your current employer or your employer’s business partners.

How much can I earn?

Depending on your level of experience, seniority and how scarce the information is, the hourly consultation rate is usually between $100 and $500. Mid-level managers such as Directors and VPs usually charge from $250 while top-level executives such as C-suite can demand rates closer to $500. The compensation for a B2B or healthcare survey is usually $50 to $150, depending on the length and the topic. 

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