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Mosaic Research Management specializes in sourcing subject matter experts for short-term consulting assignments. This allows them to get first-hand information from people who are familiar with their business, like former employees, vendors, customers, or key influencers. Expert networks are a great way for you to leverage your industry knowledge and earn hundreds of dollars an hour by consulting with clients.

Mosiac, a New York-based expert network, is mid-sized and offers various services. These include data services and, expert network vendor management & aggregate tool. It is similar to proSapient. The company specializes in travel, healthcare, online analytics, retail, consumer, and social engagement.

Mosaic was started in 2010 by Vista Research employees, pioneers in the industry. In 2007 an insider trading scandal led to Vista Research’s demise. The company was later absorbed into Guidepoint.

Here is a breakdown of the eligibility criteria required for project participation.

  • At least six months and not more than three years have passed since you last held a director or senior manager position at a company that their client is interested in learning more about.
  • You are currently or formerly employed by a company competitor that the client wants to learn more about.
  • You are currently or used to be a client of the product or company that the client is interested in learning more about.

You will meet institutional investors (strategy consultants firms, hedge funds and private equity funds) and other types of clients. They are subject to strict compliance policies which prevent them from soliciting confidential or proprietary information. You should have this policy in writing before the call to know what topics you are allowed to discuss. You will rarely be asked for non-public information. Clients won’t pressure you to reveal things you shouldn’t.

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Mosaic Research
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