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Mosaic Research Review

Looking for expert insights on a specific topic can be time-consuming and often result in unreliable information. This is where expert networks like Mosaic Research come in. Mosaic Research is a well-established expert network that connects businesses with industry experts who can provide valuable insights to support strategic decisions. In this review, we’ll take a closer look at Mosaic Research from an expert’s perspective.

Company background

Mosaic Research, a mid-sized New York-based expert network, is a well-established mid-sized firm offering a diverse range of services. The company provides a comprehensive array of services, including data services, expert network vendor management, and aggregate tool, similar to proSapient. Mosaic has positioned itself as a leading expert network in several niche areas, including travel, healthcare, online analytics, retail, consumer, and social engagement.

One-hour consulting calls

Mosaic Research Management offers an invitation-only program for industry experts to consult with its clients on select engagements. The format is usually a one-hour long conference call. The Mosaic Advisor Program provides experts with the opportunity to share their insights with investors and researchers. Through this program, advisors can build strong relationships with knowledgeable decision-makers who have an active interest in their industry or area of expertise. For paid engagements, advisors can set their own hourly or project-based consulting fees.

In addition to the Mosaic Advisor Program, the company provides custom expert recruiting services for its clients. Mosaic Research Management performs custom searches for each research project to provide its clients with semi-exclusive access to precise industry experts. This service is an excellent complement to the services of traditional Expert Network providers and is best utilized for deep-dive research projects, specifically named targeted recruits, and recruiting semi-exclusive panels of contacts for monitoring existing positions (e.g. channel checks or monitoring earnings/news).

Recorded and transcribed calls

Mosaic Research will ask experts for their permission to record and transcribe expert calls to ensure accurate and efficient data collection.

This feature allows clients to quickly and easily access the information they need, saving them time and effort. Additionally, the platform ensures that all information is accurately recorded, reducing the risk of errors or discrepancies. In this way, Mosaic Research’s recording and transcription capabilities provide a valuable service for clients seeking high-quality, reliable insights from experts.

From an expert’s perspective, the potential downside of calls being recorded and transcribed is the risk of sensitive or confidential information being leaked or misused. The expert may also feel uncomfortable or hesitant to share candid opinions or insights, knowing that the conversation is being recorded and can be accessed by others.

Additionally, the expert may be concerned about the accuracy and completeness of the transcriptions, as well as the potential misuse of their personal information. The expert network must take measures to ensure the security and privacy of the recordings and transcriptions to address these concerns.

Another potentially unfair side of transcripts is that Mosaic may sell the transcript to several clients, while the experts are not paid for subsequent use of the transcript.

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