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What is Silverlight Research Expert Network?

Silverlight Research is an expert network based in London. It was founded in November 2017 by a former Morgan Stanley investment manager. Silverlight helps its clients receive the most relevant information in order to make informed investments and strategic decisions. Silverlight can uncover real value for clients, including hedge funds, private equity funds, long-only funds, consultancies, and corporates.

Although there is instant access to infinite intelligence and information via the internet and other sources today, current market information and knowledge remain largely locked away in individuals’ minds around the globe. Information and value-added knowledge are not always readily available when they are needed. Silverlight Research solves this problem by quickly locating the information clients need.

Silverlight’s clients prefer to use their services rather than doing their searches. They ensure confidentiality and prevent information from being leaked. Silverlight has the resources and expertise to find relevant Industry Experts for their clients and can quickly provide Experts where our clients cannot.

What type of expertise is Silverlight looking for?

You have a unique perspective because of your direct experience in the sector. Silverlight sources experts worldwide to help their clients find relevant and insightful people to assist with their research projects. They then connect you via brief phone consultation or in-person meeting.

Silverlight’s network of consultants opens up new opportunities and valuable professional connections. As an Expert, your knowledge will be shared with world-class companies. You’ll also hear what people have to say about your industry. They understand how valuable your time is so Silverlight will match you only with projects specifically related to your expertise.

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Silverlight Research
Silverlight Research
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