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Atheneum Review

Based in Berlin, Atheneum is an expert network and knowledge-sharing platform that facilitates connections between clients and experts across various industries and regions worldwide. In this review, we will delve into the experience of working as an expert within Atheneum’s network.

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Sophie Fischer – Our Expert Network Specialist: Sophie is from Hamburg, Germany and is our specialist on Expert Networks. After several years of working as a top executive, Sophie is now an independent consultant and is signed up as a council member of several networks. When she is not helping HuginX write Expert Network reviews, she can often be found enjoying thrilling Nordic noir crime series.

As a result of their previous experience as management consultants, Atheneum’s founders recognized the challenges of gathering trustworthy market insights through primary research while working under time constraints. Atheneum claims to revolutionize the sharing of business intelligence on a global scale by connecting professionals with the most relevant information, available anytime and anywhere within 24 hours.

“Our vision is to build a fully digital cockpit for primary research—a one-stop-shop to gather raw data from surveys, virtual focus groups, and in-depth interviews, all delivered by our evolving suite of products.” Atheneum.

atheneum review

Working as an expert in Atheneum’s network

As an expert on the Atheneum network, I have found the platform to be effective in connecting with clients in need of my expertise. The process is straightforward and efficient, starting with clients presenting Atheneum with a project designed to help answer a question or solve a particular problem. Atheneum then filters its vast talent pool to find suitable advisors.

One of the most significant advantages of being part of Atheneum’s network is the ability to set your own hourly consulting rate. However, keep in mind that Atheneum adds its fees as a markup to whatever rate you decide to set. The more you charge, the more they can mark up their rate. Therefore, it’s essential to set rates based on industry standards commensurate with your expertise and experience.

The team at Atheneum takes great care to ensure that all projects are within legal and ethical guidelines. They offer compliance training to new experts who join the network and screen all candidates to ensure that no glaring conflicts of interest exist if the consultant takes on a particular project. This is crucial as disclosing confidential information or non-public information when consulting on behalf of an expert network can have severe consequences.

Once matched with a project, Atheneum makes all the arrangements for the call, allowing experts to focus solely on providing value-added information to the client. The team also releases payment and requests feedback once the call has been completed.

Overall, as an expert on the Atheneum network, I have had a positive experience and appreciate the platform’s ability to match me with relevant projects while ensuring compliance with legal and ethical guidelines.

How do Expert Networks operate?

New to expert networks? Here is a quick guide to 10 key steps networks take when matching experts with clients for ad-hoc phone consultations.


Expert Networks explained in 10 steps

Looking to join an expert network? Here are the key steps in the process applicable to most networks:

1. Client request recived

Expert Network receives specifications from client.

2. Search for candidates

Internal network checked for matching candidates

3. External resources utilized

Additional external candidates are sourced if needed

4. Vetting of candidates

Candidates are vetted over phone or through screener questions

5. Compliance and confirmation

Candidate undergoes compliance training

6. Scheduling of consultation

The phone consultation is scheduled

7. Consultation takes place

Phone consultation is conducted, usually on a single blinded basis.

8. Post-call confirmation

You receive confirmation of compensation amount after the call

9. Request payment

You'll fill in your payment details and request payment

10. Payment received

You receive the payment. Usually through bank-transfer, PayPal or pre-paid credit card.

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The importance of compliance

Atheneum takes compliance seriously and has implemented strict measures to ensure experts comply with ethical and legal standards. The expert network conducts thorough screenings of all experts before allowing them to participate in projects.

One way they ensure compliance is by providing all experts with comprehensive training on compliance and ethical issues. The training covers topics such as insider trading, anti-bribery, confidentiality, and conflicts of interest. Experts are required to complete the training before they are allowed to participate in any projects.

Atheneum also has a dedicated compliance team that reviews each expert’s background and experience to identify any potential conflicts of interest or ethical issues. The team examines the expert’s employment history, education, and professional certifications to ensure they meet the necessary qualifications and are free from any conflicts of interest.

Furthermore, they conduct ongoing monitoring of experts to ensure they remain compliant with all ethical and legal standards. The expert network uses a sophisticated software program that scans for any potential conflicts of interest or ethical violations.

By taking a proactive approach to compliance, Atheneum ensures that all experts are qualified, experienced, and free from any ethical or legal issues that could compromise the integrity of the consulting process. This commitment to compliance and ethical standards is one reason why Atheneum is a trusted and respected expert network in the industry.

Focus on the healthcare sector

While Atheneum covers all industries globally, they also have niche expertise within the life sciences sector.

The expert network’s approach to identifying healthcare experts begins with its extensive database of professionals, including physicians, researchers, and industry executives. They use sophisticated algorithms to match the expertise of their experts with the specific needs of their clients.

Atheneum also employs a team of healthcare industry experts who are responsible for reaching out to potential experts and verifying their credentials. They conduct thorough interviews to ensure that the expert’s knowledge and experience align with the specific needs of their clients. Additionally, Atheneum regularly hosts expert events and webinars that are tailored to specific industries, including healthcare. These events provide an opportunity for Atheneum’s experts to network with their peers and stay up-to-date on the latest industry trends and developments.

Is it difficult to qualify as an expert with Atheneum?

Let’s talk about what it takes to qualify as a subject matter expert in the first place. Have you ever worked for a specific industry or company for an extended period? If so, did you acquire knowledge that could be useful for others? 

If the answer is yes, chances are you qualify to work on projects related to your field or prior employers. The truth is, you don’t have to determine whether you’re qualified or not. HuginX says, let Athenehum do that for you! Just apply and let them figure out if they could use you or not.

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Let’s talk numbers

Let’s delve into the figures. If you have a specialized role or a high-ranking position, you should expect to charge more for your consultation services. Senior professionals and mid-level executives can earn between $300 to $500 an hour with Atheneum.

If you have more general expertise or hold a lower position, don’t worry. However, it’s essential to understand that your insights may not be as valuable to clients, and you may need to set a rate between $100 to $150/hour with Atheneum.

But what about the C-suite executives? If you fall into this category, you might see dollar signs floating in your eyes right now. And that’s because you can potentially monetize your knowledge for thousands of dollars per hour. Atheneum and its clients are always on the lookout for top-tier insights that offer high value, and they are willing to pay top dollar. After all, the ROI can be worth it if a single piece of advice leads to a million-dollar decision in the right direction.

What are the pros and cons of signing up with Atheneum?

While the platform has its benefits, there are also some drawbacks to consider before joining as an expert.

One significant advantage of joining Atheneum is the opportunity to connect with a diverse range of clients seeking expert insights on various topics. Atheneum’s platform is designed to match clients with experts who can provide valuable information and advice, making it a great platform to showcase one’s expertise.

On the other hand, some experts have raised concerns about the onboarding process, noting that it can be slow and cumbersome. Experts are required to fill out extensive profiles that can take some time to complete, and the approval process can take a while, resulting in missed opportunities for some experts.

Another critical issue is the lack of feedback provided to experts about the progress of a project they have applied to. While the platform allows experts to apply for projects, experts have no way of knowing whether they have been shortlisted or not. This lack of transparency can be frustrating for some experts, especially when they have invested time and effort in applying for a project.

While Atheneum provides an excellent opportunity for experts to share their insights and connect with clients globally, the platform could benefit from a smoother onboarding process and better feedback mechanisms to keep experts updated on the progress of their project applications.


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