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What kind of company is Atheneum?

Atheneum is an expert network and knowledge-sharing platform founded in Berlin, Germany, by former consultants from L.E.K. and Kaiser Associates. They aim to provide reliable access to a global network of experts that is resourceful and agile. Atheneum leverages innovative technologies to help clients around the globe to reduce risk in business transactions. Clients appreciate Atheneum for being flexible and delivering customized products, whether they are corporates, investment houses, or management consulting firms.

Since the founders were former management consultants, they understood the difficulties of conducting primary research to secure market insights credibly while working under tight deadlines. Atheneum is trying to change the way business intelligence is shared worldwide by connecting top professionals with the best information, anytime and anywhere, within 24 hours.  

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Working as an expert in Atheneum’s network

As an expert in Atheneum’s network, you typically have valuable experience working for years in a specific industry. No matter your niche, your unique insights can help businesses make better business decisions. By joining Atheneum, you will be part of one of the most distinguished networks of thought leaders around the globe. Your expertise will be a crucial part of projects through one-on-one knowledge sharing, and you can expect seamless and rewarding experiences. 

Atheneum has created an easy process that allows its experts to connect with business leaders worldwide. You can trust Atheneum to deliver a valuable and practical experience, from initial contact to final payment. Atheneum’s business philosophy is based on compliance and aims to ensure a trusted, compliant partnership between expert clients and experts every time. Atheneum’s technology platform and dedicated team ensure that you have a safe knowledge-sharing environment.

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