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Indusguru Review

Indusguru is an expert network based in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Indusguru was started in 2016 by former Accenture consultants.

IndusGuru is an online marketplace for expert consultants that can help companies solve their most pressing business challenges. The site connects organisations with the right consultants based on their specific business requirements. IndusGuru has experts across 18 different industries and 4 broad domains: Strategy & Finance, Marketing & Operations, HR / Organization and IT / Digital. IndusGuru carefully selects its experts, who have been recruited by invitation. IndusGuru also pays special attention to the cultural fit between the Organisation and the Expert.

A flexible approach to consulting

The company understands the changing work culture in India. Traditional linear career paths and working till retirement are becoming a thing of the past, and professionals are seeking greater flexibility and a variety of options. IndusGuru believes that it can make a difference by offering a wide range of career opportunities to qualified professionals. Its mission is to build a better industry by enabling flexibility and variety of work. If you’re looking for a new job in the IT industry, check out IndusGuru.

A rewarding career opportunity

IndusGuru understands how the work culture in India is changing. Traditional full-time employment and working up to retirement age are a thing of the past. Today’s organizations are seeking flexibility and a broader range of choices to help their workers thrive. And indusGuru is right in the middle of this trend. Its mission is to change the world of work by providing rewarding career opportunities for skilled and trained professionals.

Is IndusGuru legit?

Yes, IndusGuru is run by a legit business. As part of the expert network platform, you’ll be able to earn money paid out on time.

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