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While many consulting companies and human resources departments are rigid, Apex Leaders is different. It is an expert network of private equity firms. The founder of Apex Leaders, a former Kingfish Group manager, has a flexible approach to maintenance. This means that they are constantly evaluating the feedback from their clients and implementing new ideas and updates as quickly as possible. To this end, they use a running backlog of improvements and features to continuously improve their client-facing services.

Since launching its Apex Leaders platform in March 2019, the company has exceeded initial expectations. Within six months, 85% of new client engagements were booked using the Apex Leaders portal. Furthermore, 95% of advisor/client phone calls were run through the portal. This means that the team saves a tremendous amount of time in scheduling and coordinating appointments. This is a game-changer in the industry, especially for companies who have a large list of clients.

Developed on the Heroku platform, Apex Leaders is an on-demand advisory team that specializes in helping companies with their HR and business processes. With a team of human resources experts, the firm can help firms identify and implement the most effective ways to improve their performance. They can also offer expert guidance on the best ways to maximize their productivity. By implementing Apex Leaders, PE firms can streamline the process of finding the right advisor for their needs.

Since launching the Apex Leaders portal in March, the company has exceeded their initial goals. By August, 85% of new client engagements were booked through the platform. After six months, 95% of client/advisor calls were scheduled through the platform. These results are impressive. APEX Leaders’ success is driven by a culture of thoughtful human relationships. They put their clients first and care about their employees. They also value the input of their clients.

Founded in 2013, Apex Leaders has evolved to become a trusted partner for private equity firms. Their mission is to help companies build a strong, effective, and efficient advisory team. By offering these services, the firm is able to deliver more than just a great investment. This is because their clients are satisfied with their work and have a positive experience with Apex. The company has achieved this goal by creating a culture that prioritizes the interests of their employees while placing their clients’ needs first.

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