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What is Lynx Global?

The Lynk Global expert network was founded in Singapore in 2015 as The Straits Network. Lynk’s founder is a PE and hedge fund professional.

  • Remote Engagement; Lynk allows you to share your knowledge, expertise, and ground-based insights in just 60 minutes.
  • Assignments for short-term: Special assignments that require technical expertise on the ground for a set period
  • In-person Engagement: Participate in meetings, site visits, and workshops
  • Speaker Series: You can share your knowledge via a live keynote presentation, panel discussion, or webinar with groups of customers.
  • Day-based Engagement: Your expertise can be used for workshops, full-day assignments, or custom events.
  • Assignments for the Long-Term: As a functional expert, you can bring value to deal scenarios, operational improvement projects, and business strategy transformation projects.

Opportunities are everywhere

  • Be in good company: You can work with Fortune 500 companies, investment banks, consulting firms, and Big 4 private equity firms. Venture funds, hedge funds, venture capital funds, corporates, high-growth startups, and hedge funds.
  • Get discovered: Contribute to the evaluation of growth opportunities, make strategic decisions, review operational frameworks, and share real-world insights
  • Mentorship and advice: You can earn money by sharing your knowledge. For valuable industry knowledge, many companies will pay an hourly rate.

Consult anywhere, anytime

  • Spontaneous sharing: Give your first-hand perspective on a topic or issue. It is not necessary to do extensive preparation.
  • You can work from anywhere: Lynk engagements are usually 30-60 minute long verbal conversations.
  • Take control: Based on the topic’s relevance or availability, you can accept or decline any request or opportunity at your discretion.

Your knowledge skills will grow.

  • Demonstrate your knowledge
  • Show off what you know.
  • Reputation building
  • Your knowledge and expertise will make you well-known and highly valued.
  • Accumulate credentials
  • Your reputation will grow stronger the more you help others.
  • Keep up-to-date and stay in the know.
  • Keep up-to-date with market activity.
  • Talk to investors and companies that are interested in your expertise.

How to become an expert at Lynx Global

  1. Register now to create a Lynk Knowledge Profile
  2. Lynk Expert guide and compliance tutorial
  3. As new requests are received, review consultation options.
  4. You can accept or decline any opportunity at your discretion
  5. Participate in consultations to get paid for your time

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Lynk expert network
Lynk expert network
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