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What is Guidepoint Expert Network?

Founded in 2003, Guidepoint is one of the more extensive expert networks and operates a standard business model. Headquartered in New York, Guidepoint has expanded rapidly in recent years, opening offices in several international locations.

GuidePoint is one of the many expert network services that have gained popularity over recent years. Expert network services have seen rapid growth and are in high demand. The expertise platform enables the matching of advisors who are experts in various industries and businesses that consult with other companies on different decisions. This could include decisions about entering a market or maintaining compliance with regulations. There are many other things that independent consultants might do.

Guidepoint Expert Network

One-to-one consultations over the phone

Phone Consultations allow for a private, one-to-one conversation between the client and a subject matter expert. Your Guidepoint Project Manager will identify the best business advisors for your project and set up your Guidepoint consultation.

Insight library 

Guided research products allow you to gain expert insight to understand critical issues and current topics. Insight is a team of experienced analysts who have worked on both the buy-side and the sell-side. They offer teleconferences and live meetings that can be moderated and facilitated by experts to help you understand key issues and trends. Guidepoint lets you search and download transcripts of these events on their Insights Library Portal.

B2B Online Surveys

Imagine what you can do with the information of hundreds of experts. This is precisely what you will get when you complete a Guidepoint survey. Surveys are a powerful tool for decision-making. They provide insights from many experts quickly and can help you make informed decisions.

Registering as an advisor on Guidepoint’s Expert Network Platform 

Guidepoint registers and vets every advisor before accepting them into their network. Guidepoint will contact the advisor once they are accepted into the platform to discuss relevant projects that fit their experience and meet the needs of our clients. Guidepoint also has an Advisor Relations team that supports the advisors to make the most of their time with Guidepoint.

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