Lynk not paying their experts on time

New users should be careful when signing up for the expert network Lynk because there have been multiple complaints about delayed payments and excuses for the inordinate delay.

Some users have reported not receiving payment for months, with Lynk making excuses like COVID in China and now the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank. Lynk has also been accused of breaking up payments into smaller denominations and staggering them over months, which raises concerns about their solvency. Some users are even considering a class action lawsuit against the company.

lynk expert network
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Many users have reported not receiving payment for consultations, even after the standard payment time of 30 days has passed. Lynk has been blaming banking issues in Shanghai for the delays, which some users have found suspicious. After multiple inquiries, some users have received partial payment, but others are still waiting for their remaining payment.

Example of expert reporting up to six months of delay in getting their payment:

lynk payment issues

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