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Dialectica Review

Dialectica provides a dynamic platform for corporate strategists and investors to obtain knowledge from subject matter experts across the world. Founded in 2015, Dialectica helps businesses and investment professionals make smarter decisions, explore new opportunities, and confidently navigate the future. The company partners with clients worldwide, enabling them to collect real-time information and market insights from industry experts across markets, industries, and regions. The company is known for going above and beyond to recruit hard-to-find and differentiated experts, giving its clients a competitive edge in their decision-making.

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Sophie Fischer – Our Expert Network Specialist: Sophie is from Hamburg, Germany and is our specialist on Expert Networks. After several years of working as a top executive, Sophie is now an independent consultant and is signed up as a council member of several networks. When she is not helping HuginX write Expert Network reviews, she can often be found enjoying thrilling Nordic noir crime series.

Low-profile expert networks

Expert Networks like Dialectica might not be familiar names for most people, but investors and consultancies know them well. Companies like Bain and BCG rely on expert networks every day, but they don’t go around advertising that fact. Instead, firms like this keep a low profile regarding how they source their exclusive intel. They want to receive their consultations discreetly, away from the public eye. Dialectica and other similar agencies understand that. They’re not operating secretly; they don’t make a big show about their services. Most people who’ve heard of expert networks learned about them from someone who works for one or after seeing an ad (or getting an invitation) on LinkedIn. Expert networks used to recruit via word of mouth, but today they utilize the power of professional networking sites like LinkedIn to find and contract talent. 

“We are very proud to be included in Europe’s fastest-growing companies and named as the fastest-growing expert network by the Financial Times. Since our founding, we have been dedicated to delivering unparalleled customer service and value to our clients and building a global team of talented and ambitious people,” George Tsarouchas, CEO & Co-founder of Dialectica.

dialectica review

Expert Networks like Dialectica are knowledge facilitators. Another way to say it—they’re middlemen. They find the clients for you to consult and get a hefty commission for making that connection. They look for qualified experts in a wide range of sectors who are willing and able to share opinions and advice for a generous fee. The advisor sets their hourly consulting rate, and then Dialectica marks that up and keeps the difference. It’s that simple. 

How do Expert Networks operate?

New to expert networks? Here is a quick guide to 10 key steps networks take when matching experts with clients for ad-hoc phone consultations.


Expert Networks explained in 10 steps

Looking to join an expert network? Here are the key steps in the process applicable to most networks:

1. Client request recived

Expert Network receives specifications from client.

2. Search for candidates

Internal network checked for matching candidates

3. External resources utilized

Additional external candidates are sourced if needed

4. Vetting of candidates

Candidates are vetted over phone or through screener questions

5. Compliance and confirmation

Candidate undergoes compliance training

6. Scheduling of consultation

The phone consultation is scheduled

7. Consultation takes place

Phone consultation is conducted, usually on a single blinded basis.

8. Post-call confirmation

You receive confirmation of compensation amount after the call

9. Request payment

You'll fill in your payment details and request payment

10. Payment received

You receive the payment. Usually through bank-transfer, PayPal or pre-paid credit card.

Read more about how expert networks operate

Expert Networks Guide

Businesses face various daily problems, and they often seek outside help before making decisions. Investors also consult experts before deciding on how to position themselves. Dialectica saves these types of clients time and energy by finding and vetting the right people who can provide helpful information. 

  • Clients present Dialectica with a project designed to help answer a question or solve a particular problem. 
  • Dialectica filters its vast talent pool to find suitable advisors. 
  • Interested consultants need to answer a few questions and submit a brief proposal. Clients will review submissions and choose from the candidates. 
  • Dialectica makes all the arrangements for the call.
  • Clients talk with their chosen advisors. 
  • Dialectica releases payment and requests feedback. 
  • These firms don’t mind paying hundreds or, in some cases, even thousands of dollars an hour for information that could potentially make or save them far more money than they spend!

What should you expect on a Dialectica consulting call?

Dialectica takes great care to provide value-added information within legal and ethical guidelines. That’s why it offers compliance training to new experts who join the network and screens all candidates to ensure no glaring conflict exists if the consultant takes on a particular project. 

For 1-on-1 phone consults, Dialectica contractors set an hourly rate, but technically, they’re paid by the minute to chat about an expert network project. There are three broad categories that a call might fall under:

Industry overview: Big data is easy to get, but broad industry overviews are also sought for investors gathering intel about a particular company, market, or sector. They can use what they learn to form a big picture which data alone can’t always paint. Then they can make informed strategic decisions based on that big picture and what it indicates for the future!   

Company deep dive: Deep dives focus on a specific company, perhaps a competitor for the client’s calling. That’s why consultants aren’t allowed to discuss current employers since it would create a conflict of interest. Some deep dives examine only a particular area of a company, perhaps a problem or something they’re doing right. This can help clients either learn from peers’ mistakes or attempt to replicate a peer’s success.  

Consulting with consultants: Even consultants need help sometimes so corporate consultants might reach out and “phone a friend” to glean some objective insights that’ll benefit their clients. 

Do I qualify as a subject matter expert? 

Sometimes qualified individuals worry that their knowledge needs to be more valuable for a client. They don’t think they’re qualified for this type of work. HuginX says, why not let Dialectica be the judge of that? 

What is a subject matter expert anyhow? Typically anyone who has worked long enough in a particular field or for a specific company becomes an expert on at least something! No checklist lets you determine clearly whether or not your knowledge passes the test to qualify as an expert, though. The actual test is to try and see. 

How do I set my Dialectica hourly consulting rate?

Expert networks love to recruit via LinkedIn, and they entice potential talent by dangling a cash carrot. But do these companies pay hundreds or thousands of dollars an hour? Yes, in some cases, they do! 

Their clients pay the money, and Dialectica adds their fees as a markup to whatever rate you decide to set. Remember, Dialectica isn’t necessarily looking for cheap labor here. The more you charge, the more they can mark up your rate. So they want to find advisors who can command high rates! That doesn’t mean setting an inflated rate arbitrarily. Your insights carry value, but that value might be subjective. 

Generally speaking, if you held a mid-level role in a company for a few years and possess some information and opinions a client would pay for, consider setting a $100 – $150/hour rate. If you are a seasoned professional in a specialized role or position of authority, $300 – $500 an hour might be more suitable. Executives can often charge more than a thousand per hour since their insights carry significantly more weight. 

Dialectica encourages experts to set hourly rates based on industry standards commensurate with their expertise and experience. The company offers guidance for those who ask. You can also review our full brief on how to set your expert network consulting rate. 

What are the downsides to consulting for Dialectica?  

Every job has its fair share of pros and cons. The critical thing to remember here is—this is not a job! Dialectica hires full-time employers; however, their experts are contractors who may or may not get work. There are no guarantees you’ll ever be selected for a project; even if you are, sometimes projects fall through. 

The biggest complaint we’ve seen about Dialectica from consultants who’ve worked for them is that there isn’t enough work. A couple of others mentioned a lack of feedback or clients cancelling on them. But you shouldn’t be disappointed if you come into the process with some expectation management. 


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