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What is Coleman Research?

Kevin Coleman founded Coleman Research in 2003 to provide investors with better access to industry-specific information. Today, Coleman provides answers to thousands of clients’ most pressing questions without ever leaving their offices. Instead of spending hours researching reports or traveling to meet people at conferences and other research, Coleman connects clients with industry experts to get immediate, relevant insights.

Coleman Expert Network

Coleman has assisted hundreds of international investment firms, consultancies, and corporations. Their network includes experts in over 12,000 cities worldwide and spans every industry and geography. Trust and transparency are the foundation of interactions between clients and experts.

Information is readily available in today’s market. However, it is still highly valued to have specialized, authentic information. This information can lead to insight. Coleman invests in cutting-edge technology and hires top talent to support our customers.

How to join Coleman’s Expert Network

You have a unique perspective because of your direct experience in the field. Coleman sources experts worldwide to help our clients with their questions. They then connect you via short phone consultation or in-person meeting.

What are the advantages of being a Coleman expert?

Consulting with Coleman will pay you an hourly rate, but it also allows you to keep up with the latest capital market questions. You can also use it to grow your professional network or get into short-term consulting jobs.

What is the payment procedure?

Experts are paid an hourly rate that they choose, which should be determined based on industry standards and the expert’s level of expertise and experience. Experts are paid for their time, and hourly rates are prorated. After the expert submits an invoice, payment is made in the expert’s preferred currency by check or direct deposit.


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Coleman Research
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