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DeepBench – Expert Network Review

Discover the expert network DeepBench as we explore how it is to work as an ad-hoc consultant for this firm. We’ll go though important aspects such as the consultation fees and the overall practicalities of engaging in expert network gigs through DeepBench.

What is DeepBench?

The founders of DeepBench are all graduates of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Rather than focusing on business outcomes, the company’s focus is on building expert networks and using technology to solve problems. The team has a goal of making deep analysis accessible to companies through its expert network. In addition to providing expert analysis, DeepBench also provides access to global market research.

Consultations serve as the core of DeepBench’s services, allowing clients to engage with experts for 1-hour sessions or surveys, unlocking invaluable nuggets of wisdom for their projects. The experts, carefully curated to match specific project needs, are sourced and matched using AI engines, search algorithms, and crowd-sourcing, showcasing DeepBench’s technological prowess.

One aspect that sets DeepBench apart is its emphasis on client anonymity. Clients can rest assured that their identity is protected by default, but sharing relevant information can lead to even more fruitful interactions and higher match rates.

DeepBench believes in democratizing access to expert insights, making pricing flexible, transparent, and agile. Clients pay only for what they consume, and the platform ensures fair cost allocation between the expert and DeepBench. Whether clients prefer a la carte or subscription pricing, there’s a tier to suit their needs.

As for the experts, they have the freedom to choose their own hourly rate, visible to clients when they decide to connect. Payment is made hassle-free via third-party service Tremendous within 15 days of the consultation. Tremendous supports various payment options such as bank transfers, prepaid debit cards and vouchers. For experts, the process is smooth, with no need for excessive preparation. Clients seek to learn from their experiences and unique perspective, without the pressure of producing extra work or output.

deepbench expert network dashboard

The DeepBench expert network dashboard showing available projects to apply for.

Best Practices – Mastering Expert Network Calls with DeepBench

Congratulations, you’ve been called upon for your expertise, and a consultation is on the horizon. But how can you make the most of this opportunity and ensure it’s a fruitful and enjoyable experience? Fear not, because over thousands of calls arranged through DeepBench, we’ve gathered some invaluable tips to help you prepare and shine during your consultation!

  1. Punctuality is Key: Be punctual and treat the call like a professional interview, but without the stress of excessive preparation. Being on time shows respect for the client’s time and sets the right tone for the discussion.
  2. Clear Communication: Communication is the cornerstone of a successful consultation. Speak clearly and at a reasonable pace to ensure your insights are easily understood. Don’t forget to pause every 30-45 seconds to check if the conversation is heading in the right direction.
  3. Minimize Jargon: While you may be an expert in your field, it’s essential to avoid using too much jargon. Assume that the client has limited knowledge of your industry and try to explain things in a way that’s easy for them to grasp.
  4. Go Beyond Basics: Dig deep into the client’s questions and consider their perspective. Think about what they already know and provide insights that take the discussion to the next level. If you’re unsure about their intent, don’t hesitate to clarify with questions like, “Do you mean A or B?” Your proactive approach will be appreciated.
  5. Understanding Compliance: Protecting sensitive information is paramount. Avoid revealing confidential data and end the call early if you feel uncomfortable. Rest assured, DeepBench will compensate you for your time and effort.
  6. Extend the Invitation: At the end of the consultation, don’t be shy to invite the client to consult with you again in the future. Deep Bench makes re-engagement easy, compliant, and accessible, allowing you to continue helping clients at your guaranteed hourly rate. Clients often uncover new questions as their research progresses.

Remember, each consultation is a fantastic opportunity to share your expertise and make a meaningful impact. By following these tips, you’ll be well-prepared and confident in your ability to provide valuable insights. So go ahead and make the most of your consulting journey with Deep Bench! Happy consulting!

How much can I make with DeepBench?

What should be my DeepBench hourly consulting rate? Expert networks like DeepBench can be quite rewarding, and it’s crucial to find the right balance for your services. As you embark on your expert career, charging between $75 and $150 per hour in the initial stages is reasonable, while seasoned professionals can confidently set rates between $200 and $300 per hour. There have been reports of experts demanding up to $5,000 per hour, though it’s unclear how frequently these rates are booked.

Keep in mind that DeepBench pays per minute, which means your hourly rate is average. For a 30-minute call, you’ll receive half of your hourly rate. However, the meter will continue to tick if your consultation goes over one hour. The best part? Unlike many other platforms, DeepBench is known for its swift payments, processing your earnings quickly through cash transfers to your bank account or prepaid visa- or master card.

As you navigate the world of expert networks, be prepared for some negotiation from DeepBench associates. Do your research by exploring the rates charged by other members for similar services within DeepBench, and don’t forget to compare with rates on other expert networks too. You might find that a $300 per hour consulting fee on DeepBench could be valued at $500 by another company offering services to the same client. If you’re a member of multiple expert networks, you’ll likely come across similar opportunities, allowing you to make informed decisions about your rates.

The importance of compliance

When consulting with DeepBench, it’s vital to handle sensitive information with care. As an expert, you must not disclose any trade secrets or confidential data from your current or past employers. All information discussed during the call must be approved for public release. As a DeepBench network member, you’ll undergo compliance training to ensure you understand and adhere to ethical and legal guidelines. If ever in doubt about what can be shared, you can always reach out to DeepBench’s dedicated member service for guidance.

Once you’re confident in your compliance, the conversation is entirely up to you. You’re the expert, but the client sets the tone by sharing their situation or asking questions. Your role is to actively listen and respond throughout the duration of the call. Most calls typically last an hour, and DeepBench compensates you per minute. So, if a call extends beyond an hour (which often happens when you continue the discussion with additional insights), rest assured, you’ll be compensated for that extra time.

What makes DeepBench unique?

Deepbench is a platform that connects clients with experts across various domains and industries. Unlike larger competitors such as GLG and AlphaSights, Deepbench leverages technology and automation to streamline the process of finding and engaging with experts, resulting in lower costs and higher-quality matches.

Some of the unique features that Deepbench offers are:

  • Online surveys: Clients can access the insights of over 10,000 professionals through customized surveys that target specific segments and topics.
  • Self-service browsing: Clients can browse through the profiles of experts, filter them by criteria such as industry, function, location, and availability, and request calls or messages directly.
  • Contractor payment: Clients can pay experts for their time and expertise through the platform, without the hassle of invoicing or contracts.
  • Bulletin board of projects: Clients can post their projects or questions on a public board, where experts can apply or respond with their proposals or answers.

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