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Insight Alpha is a market research firm based in India that helps clients find and hire industry experts to develop and execute market research projects. The service matches institutional investors with industry experts in South East Asia and India. The company claims to have a database of more than 50K industry professionals and serves more than 2000 clients in 20 industries.

Insight Alpha is a new investment research and advisory firm that is focused on India. Its headquartered in New Dehli providing research services to global investors and access to its extensive network of front-line experts. The firm covers sectors like Healthcare, Real Estate, Technology, Media & Telecommunications, and Financial & Business Services.

Insight Alpha is India-focused and its experts include former ministers, CEOs, and doctors, as well as government and bureaucrats. These industry-specific experts are paid for consulting with global business leaders. The Insight Alpha network offers access to hundreds of thousands of industry-specific analysts across a wide range of industries. The company also offers clients access to its expert network, which allows clients to receive high-quality reports based on their specific needs.

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Insight Alpha
Insight Alpha
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