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What type of company is Capvision?

Capvision is China’s leading expert network provider, with several offices in key international markets. Capvision assists large, well-respected financial institutions, consulting companies, and multinational corporations to reach new professional heights by providing customized services like expert consultations, research, and conference services. The knowledge company offers industry experts a platform to create value through their expertise and professional knowledge.

Capvision was founded in 2008 and is headquartered in Shanghai. It also has bases in Beijing and Shenzhen. Hong Kong and New York City are also included in the company’s headquarters. Capvision connects its clients with industry professionals from a global network of experts for one-on-1 consultations.

Capvision Expert Network

B2B Surveys

Capvision provides surveys that provide qualitative and quantitative insights into companies, industry trends, and consumer behavior. An expert survey team will objectively analyze clients’ requests and discuss the research strategy. Research teams collect data from experts and other resources to help our clients make informed business decisions. Capvision is a research partner throughout the project’s lifecycle, from questionnaire conception to final reporting and analysis.

Industry Research

Capvision’s professional research services collaborate with industry analysts and external experts. They provide clients with market research and corporate consulting services to help them assess the latest trends in their industries.

How to Join Capvision’s Expert Network

Step 1: Join Capvision’s Expert Network

Register on their webpage and provide your basic demographics and professional history.

Step 2: Receive & Accept Relevant Projects

Once your profile passes the background screening and you agree to terms and conditions, Capvision will notify you when a project matches your skills becomes open.

Step 3: Client Selection & Scheduling

Once you accept the project, your profile is sent to the client. The client will decide which candidate is the best.

Step 4: Consultation & Payment

Capvision will schedule a consultation with you and the client based on your availability. You will be paid according to the terms of the service agreement.

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