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The Best Reward Sites to Join in 2024

Our team of experts has reviewed a large number of paid reward sites offering a range of different paid gigs such as surveys, cashback, promotions, trials and receipt scanning. Here are the best paid reward sites to sign up for in 2024:

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How Do I Join Paid Reward Sites?



Sign up for a reward site listed on HuginX and provide your basic details.


Join Bonus

Once you've signed up you'll often get the opportunity to earn a join bonus.



Based on your profile and demographics you'll get access to paid gigs.


Paid Gigs

Take part in paid gigs such as surveys, product testing, receipt scanning and offers.



Claim your reward in the form of cash, gift cards or prepaid debit cards.

Examples of Reward Site Gigs

Here are a few realistic examples to get a taste of reward site gigs:

Gas Station Survey

Eligible participants: Car drivers
Type: Online survey
Compensation: $0.50
Duration: 10 minutes
Client: A gas station chain
Objective: To explore the attitudes and preferences towards different gas station chains.

Receipt Scanning

Eligible participants: Primary grocery shoppers
Type: Receipt scanning
Compensation: $0.75
Duration: 3 minutes
Client: Supermarket brand
Objective: To map the shopping habits by grocery shoppers by scanning their receipts.

Game App Trial

Eligible participants: Android users
Type: Mobile game app trial
Compensation: $20
Duration: 7 days
Client: A game developer
Objective: Recruit mobile gamers to gather user feedback from testing a new beta version. 

Free subscription

Eligible participants: 18+ living in the UK
Type: Meal-kit subscription
Compensation: Free subscription + $5 cashback
Duration: 1 month
Client: Meal-kit company
Objective: Recruit new subscribers to a new meal-kit company.

Mobile App Tracking

Eligible participants: Mobile phone owners 18+
Type: Mobile tracking app installation
Compensation: $10 
Duration: 1 month
Client: Market Research Firm
Objective: Track the consumer behaviour of online shoppers by analysing mobile app data.

Music Lovers Survey

Eligible participants: Mobile users 18+
Type: Mobile app installation
Compensation: Free subscription to music streaming 
Duration: 60 minutes
Client: A music artist
Objective: To collect feedback and suggestions on a new album before its release


Key Terms Explained

A reward site or GPT-site is a website that offers users various ways to earn money or gift cards online. Users can complete tasks such as taking surveys, watching videos, downloading apps, or signing up for offers. In exchange, they receive points or credits that can be redeemed for cash or other rewards. Reward sites are popular among people who want to make some extra income or save money on their purchases.


Market research firms offer rewards to incentivize people to participate in surveys, including cash payments, gift cards, or donations to a chosen charity.


A GPT-site is just another term for a reward-site. GPT stands for "get paid to", meaning that users get paid to perform certain tasks or activities on the site.


Tasks or actions that users can perform to earn points or cash, such as signing up for a service, downloading an app, or watching a video


A percentage of money that users can get back when they shop online through the reward site's partner retailers


Inviting other people to join the reward site using a unique link or code, and earning a commission or bonus from their activities.


Many reward sites have a minimum redemption level which means users need to accumulate a certain amount of points before redeeming.

Payment Options

for reward sites


Once you’ve accumulated enough earnings, you can typically withdraw via payment methods like PayPal, direct bank transfer, or checks. Cash rewards provide immediate financial benefits and is the preferred payment method for most users.



Vouchers can be a great way to save money on your shopping or enjoy experiences you might not otherwise have chosen. They also offer a tangible reward for your time.



You might receive rewards in the form of popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, or others. These rewards could potentially grow in value over time, but they also come with the volatility and risks associated with the cryptocurrency market.


Sweepstakes Entries

While it can be exciting and potentially rewarding, the chances of winning in a sweepstakes are generally low. This method might appeal to those who enjoy the thrill of entering contests and don’t solely rely on survey earnings.


Charity Donations

Donating your survey rewards to charity can be a meaningful way to contribute to causes you care about. It combines the act of earning with philanthropy, giving you a sense of purpose beyond just monetary gain.

PayPal is the most popular payment option for reward sites.

Prepaid Visa Cards

Earning cash is great as it gives you the flexibility to shop anywhere.

Physical check

In the US, physcial checks are still a widely accepted payment option.

Bank transfers is a common payment method for reward sites.

Gift cards from popular retailers such as Amazon are popular among reward sites users.


Having the option to donate to your favourite charity is a great advantage.

How we review REWARD sites

Our Review Process

100% Independent

We pride ourselves on genuine, 100% editorial independence. This means we never accept money to review a gig or to improve a review.

Expert Reviewers

Our reviews of reward sites and guides are all written by our on-staff experts, who have years of experience.

Original Research

Our reviews are the result of first-hand experience based on our staff working with a wide range of reward sites.

Up-to-Date Information

To ensure our reward site reviews remain accurate and relevant, our team is continually updating our content.

Rating Methodology

We evaluate sites based on a standardized set of criteria that’s applicable to all users .


With expert reviewers based in several different regions around the world, we ensure that ratings are consistently compared


Pros and Cons of Reward Sites

While reward sites can be a fun way to earn money online, there are also some cons to be aware of. Our experts at HuginX always aim to give you the real deal when reviewing reward platforms. 

Here’s a sneak peek at some common pros and cons we have come across in our reviews:


1. Many types of gigs

As opposed to streamlined survey sites, reward-sites provide users with a wide variety of gigs, which provides more earning opportunities.

2. Convenience

You can earn rewards at your own pace and schedule, without any commitments or obligations.

3. Discover new products

You can discover new products, services, or content that you might enjoy or benefit from.

4. Make an impact

Participating in reward sites helps companies improve their products and services, allowing you to make an even bigger impact as a consumer.

5. Save money

You can save money on purchases or expenses that you would make anyway, by getting cash back or discounts.

online surveys positives
online surveys cons


1. Privacy Concerns

You may have to deal with spam, ads, or privacy issues, depending on the site and its policies.

2. Slow Payment Process

You may have to wait for a long time to receive your rewards, or meet a minimum threshold before you can redeem them.

3. Low Pay per Hour

You may not earn a lot of money or rewards, compared to the time and effort you spend on the tasks.

4. Disqualifications

You may not qualify for some tasks or surveys, depending on your demographics or profile.

5. Technical Glitches

Occasional technical issues can disrupt the process and impact your experience.

Great Alternatives

to Reward Sites

Not interested in joining reward sites? Luckily, in today’s gig economy, plenty of alternatives exist to earn money online. Here are a few suggestions:

Expert Networks

Seasoned industry experts connect with businesses seeking specialized knowledge, providing solutions and recommendations in exchange for compensation.  

User Testing

Testers navigate through tasks, voice their impressions, and highlight areas for improvement. This process assists companies in refining their digital offerings. A meaningful way to earn money while shaping the development of user-friendly digital interfaces.

Reward Sites

Reward sites offer users small earnings for completing online tasks such as taking surveys, watching videos, and participating in offers.  

B2B Surveys

Business-to-business (B2B) surveys target professionals and decision-makers in specific industries gathering insights on industry trends, challenges, and preferences.

Data Tracking Apps 

Data tracking apps offer a passive way to earn money by sharing anonymous usage data from your mobile devices.  

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