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Lootup Review

Considering joining the reward site Lootup.me? Let’s dive in before you get looting. This review takes a critical look at what’s in store. We’ll sift through the facts, no frills attached, to help you decide if this GPT site is worth your digital footsteps.

What is Lootup?

Lootup.me is a reward site and app that allows users to earn cash rewards by taking surveys, playing games, watching videos, and completing simple tasks. Lootup is owned by Adscend Media, a digital advertising platform that facilitates lead generation and access to survey participants. Adscend Media was founded in 2009 by Philip Shapiro and Jeremy Bash, and is based in Austin, Texas, United States.

According to Similarweb, Lootup had 1.9 million total visits in July 2023, with an average visit duration of 4 minutes and a bounce rate of 26.43%. The most popular countries for lootup.me were the United States (40.02%), Brazil (18.67%), India (9.24%), Mexico (5.66%), and Canada (4.38%). Some of the similar sites to Lootup include Kashkick, Testerup and Swagbucks.

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Is Lootup legit?

When it comes to assessing the legitimacy of an online platform like Lootup, it’s crucial to separate the wheat from the chaff. In this case, it’s important to acknowledge that Lootup does not fall into the category of scam sites that are out to exploit unsuspecting users. The fact that users are not required to provide sensitive financial information such as credit card numbers is a promising indicator that the platform is not engaged in malicious activities.

Indeed, Lootup can be considered a legitimate endeavour for those seeking opportunities to earn rewards online. Its low payout threshold, fast payment processing, and diverse earning options showcase a genuine intention to provide users with tangible benefits for their time and efforts.

However, let’s not don rose-colored glasses and overlook the nuances highlighted in our review. The glitches, crashes, and limitations within the app are concerns that users should take into account. While Lootup itself may be a legitimate entity, the quality of user experience can still be a rocky road.

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Additionally, a word of caution is warranted regarding third-party sites offered through Lootup’s portal. While the parent platform might be legitimate, it’s wise to approach external opportunities with a critical eye. As the saying goes, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” Ensuring that these external offerings are equally trustworthy and transparent is an essential aspect of maintaining a safe online presence.

In conclusion, Lootup does not appear to be a scam and can be considered a legitimate platform for those seeking online rewards. However, it’s essential to temper enthusiasm with prudence, taking the negative aspects highlighted in our review into account. By approaching the platform and its offerings critically, users can navigate the digital landscape with greater confidence and security.

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What’s the concept?

Embarking on the journey of signing up for Lootup is akin to stepping into a world where earning cash through a digital medley of offers, games, casinos, and surveys is the name of the game. At the helm of this platform lies Adscend Media, the puppeteer orchestrating the strings of its business model. This model finds its roots in the art of lead generation and the allure of survey participants, casting a spotlight on the symbiotic relationship between advertisers and users seeking rewards.

Here’s the twist: each gig, whether it’s an offer to try out a new app, a chance to dabble in digital casinos, or the venerable territory of surveys, is shrouded in a cloak of specificity. Imagine a digital matchmaking process where the criteria play matchmaker between user and gig. Age, gender, location, income level, employment status, occupation – these factors don the role of gatekeepers, determining who’s worthy of the digital treasure trove each gig offers.

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Speaking from our own experiences, it’s worth noting that not every attempt leads to success. In fact, our qualification rate clocked in at around 20%. Let’s put that in perspective: it’s like wandering through a maze where only every fifth step brings you closer to the treasure you seek. With such a hit-or-miss landscape, one must be prepared to factor in a fair amount of waiting time, a digital waiting room of sorts, before eventually breaking through the qualifying barrier.

In essence, the concept of signing up for Lootup revolves around the tantalizing prospect of earning cash through a mix of offers, games, casinos, and surveys. Behind the curtain, Adscend Media orchestrates the grand symphony of lead generation and survey participant access. Yet, like any symphony, the notes aren’t always in tune.

The gig-specific criteria dance a delicate waltz, determining who gets a ticket to the digital feast. Our journey through this digital realm revealed that not all doors swing open easily, with a qualification rate that could use a boost. Patience becomes the virtue that guides us through the maze, reminding us that treasure isn’t always found in an instant, but in the moments of pursuit.

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How much can I earn with Lootup?

Ready to dive into the world of rewards on Lootup? Let’s give it a friendly yet critical eye. The treasure chest of options includes PayPal, Amazon vouchers, and even a dash of Bitcoin – talk about a digital smorgasbord! But here’s the twist: the compensation game isn’t exactly a jackpot. The average earning from surveys hangs around the modest neighborhood of 100 points ($0.10), a far cry from the $0.25 we’ve seen on similar platforms.

But wait, there’s a glimmer of hope. The redemption threshold here is just a buck, a refreshing change from the usual $10 on other sites. It’s like hitting the reward button sooner than you’d expect. Oh, and don’t forget the welcoming hug of the join bonus – a little extra to sweeten the deal. You can earn a $5 joining bonus if you reach the target number of 10,000 points ($10) within 29 days of joining. You will receive 5,000 points as a bonus if you hit that target, but you’ll need to take A LOT of surveys to get there first.

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Here’s the catch when it comes to these types of sites: patience becomes your closest ally. On average, it takes a fair bit of gig-hopping before the reward door swings open. Think of it like a puzzle where you’ve got to find the right pieces to complete the picture.

In a nutshell, Lootup’s rewards buffet offers a diverse spread, but the compensation scene hovers around the $0.10 mark for surveys. The quick redemption dance and join bonus add a touch of sparkle, while understanding the value per point is the secret sauce. And surveys? Well, consider them the marathon you’ll need some stamina for. It’s a mixed bag, but with a savvy approach, it’s worth a shot.

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Summary – Pros and Cons

Let’s discuss the pros and cons of signing up for Lootup with a more straightforward approach.


On the positive side, Lootup offers a low payout threshold, making it easier to access your earned rewards quickly. The swift payment processing is also a notable advantage, ensuring that you don’t have to wait long for your earnings to materialize.

The platform provides a variety of earning options, catering to those interested in surveys, casinos and smartphone games. Additionally, the availability of free contests with high rewards adds an element of excitement for users looking to score big.

Lootup’s responsive helpdesk is a commendable feature, as it ensures that users can receive timely assistance when facing issues or seeking guidance.


There are some downsides to consider. First of all, the average pay per survey is meagre. If you’re not prepared to install any of the games or sign up for any of the offers, there’s not much money to be made from taking surveys alone. Also, the app’s tendency to experience glitches and crashes can also be frustrating for users who value a seamless experience. Moreover, the fact that the app is only accessible through Google Play might exclude potential users who use other operating systems.

The limited selection of games and the complex rules surrounding earning through gameplay could make the platform less appealing to those looking for a diverse gaming experience. Additionally, the frequent need for in-app purchases to progress in games might deter users who prefer not to spend money on such purchases.

Considering these factors, the overall verdict for Lootup is that it falls into the category of an average gig. It offers both advantages and disadvantages, making it worth trying for individuals who are open to exploring various earning opportunities online.

6.5Expert Score
Lootup Review Summary
In conclusion, Lootup occupies the middle ground as an average gig, offering a blend of advantages and disadvantages. Its low payout threshold, fast payment processing, and array of earning options make it an intriguing prospect. Conversely, issues like app instability, platform exclusivity, and gameplay-related hurdles temper its appeal. For those open to exploring various online earning avenues and willing to navigate its limitations, Lootup is worth a tentative venture.
  • Low payout threshold
  • Fast payment processing
  • Many earning options
  • Free contests with high rewards
  • Responsive helpdesk
  • App glitches and crashes
  • App only available on Google Play
  • Low pay per survey
  • Complex rules on how to earn by playing games
  • In-app purchases often required to reach game levels

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