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CreationsRewards Review  

CreationsRewards is a money-earning platform that offers rewards to its members in return for the completion of various tasks such as taking surveys. This is a rewards site website that was created in 2000, and based in New Jersey, USA. 

What’s the concept?

CreationsRewards, like many other paid survey sites, offers users the opportunity to earn extra cash while sharing their opinions. While participating in surveys can be a great way to make some money, it is important to approach it with a critical eye.

Upon logging in to CreationsRewards, users can navigate to the “earn” tab and select from a variety of surveys and offers. The site partners with a range of survey providers, offering users numerous options for participation. However, it should be noted that the number of available surveys and providers may vary depending on users’ location and profile.

CreationsRewards claims to offer high rewards for the time spent on surveys, with estimated completion times provided before beginning each survey. However, users should keep in mind that these estimates may not always be accurate and will vary depending on their reading and answering speed.

Note that some surveys may require users to maintain a quality score, based on factors such as consistency and attention to detail, in order to continue accessing them.

Third-party survey networks

CreationsRewards partners with a variety of third-party survey providers to offer users a diverse range of survey options. Some of these providers include TheoremReach, Peanutlabs, Pollfish, and TapResearch. By partnering with these companies, CreationsRewards is able to offer a wider range of surveys to its users.

However, it is important to note that users may encounter different survey providers depending on their location and profile. Additionally, not all third-party survey providers may be available to all users.

Users should approach these third-party surveys with the same level of caution as surveys offered directly through CreationsRewards. While the site strives to ensure the quality of its survey providers, users should always be aware of the potential for scams or low-paying surveys.

Third-party offers

CreationsRewards offers a section of paid offers on their offer walls. These paid offers are essentially advertisements from their partners that users must interact with to earn rewards. While it may seem like an easy and great way to earn rewards, it is crucial to be critical of these offers before jumping in.

Most of the offers require users to register for something or pay for a product or service, which can be bothersome and even risky. However, CreationsRewards makes it seem like a no-brainer by providing a wide variety of offers that users can earn rewards from. For instance, users can earn rewards by downloading and opening an app, registering for a free trial on a website, or playing a Facebook game.

The real problem with these offers is that they may not be as lucrative as they seem. Many offers require users to pay for a product or service and then wait for a rebate or refund, which may take a while to arrive, if at all. Additionally, users may find themselves subscribing to unwanted services or products that are difficult to cancel.

One example of an offer on CreationsRewards is signing up for an online betting platform where users had to deposit $12 to receive a $15 reward. While this may seem like a good deal, users must be wary of the terms and conditions and read them carefully to avoid being duped.

What about the survey experience?  

You can download the CreationsRewards app through Google Play or the App Store so you can use it both for iOS and Android. You can also just use it through the browser on your mobile. 

CreationsRewards uses short screener questionnaires to determine whether you qualify for the longer surveys. Survey availability can vary depending on your location and profile information. The website displays exactly how many points you earn per offer but does not say how long that offer will take to complete. Offers with more rewards take longer, but there is no way to know how much time you will need. 

Just click the “Help” button in the lower-right corner if you are having trouble, or send a support message by using the template on the website.  

How much can you make on CreationRewards?  

CreationsRewards offers multiple payment options, including cash through PayPal and gift cards from various popular brands like Starbucks, Staples, Amazon, Disneystore, Michaels, Walmart, Dunkin Donuts, and more.

When completing surveys, you can typically earn 200 points, equivalent to approximately $1. The payout threshold starts at 1,000 CR points, which is usually around $5, depending on your chosen reward. For example, you need 1,020 points for $5 in PayPal cash, 1,000 points for a $5 Amazon gift card, and 1,200 points for a $5 Target gift card.

Furthermore, CreationsRewards provides a referral program where you can earn 10 per cent of your referrals’ earnings, and there is no limit to how much you can refer and earn. Additionally, the platform offers daily bonuses. When you hit your daily goal, you earn bonus points – for instance, 8 and 21 points for reaching 75 and 218 points, respectively.

Make sure to follow their guidelines to avoid losing your reward. Key points to keep in mind:

  • Failing to meet the eligibility requirements: Reward sites like CreationsReards often have specific eligibility criteria for users to earn. For example, some offers may only be available to new customers or may require a minimum purchase amount.
  • Using ad blockers: Reward sites typically require users to disable adblockers to track their purchases and award cashback. If a user has an ad blocker enabled, the cashback site may not be able to track their clicks and they may not receive rewards.

Also, survey companies are becoming stricter when it comes to survey takers submitting honest and attentive answers. If you’re caught providing gibberish answers or inconsistent information you’ll risk account suspension and the loss of rewards.

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CreationsRewards Review Summary
CreationsRewards offers several ways to earn money from surveys and offers. Compared with other reward sites, we were not particularly impressed with either the survey payment level or the selection of offers.
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Redeeming Rewards
  • Free to join
  • Offers several ways to earn
  • Flexible payout methods
  • Low rewards compared to other sites
  • Fairly slow payment processing
  • Confusing point system

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