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QuickRewards Review

Thinking about jumping into the QuickRewards survey game? Join me as we take a critical look at this platform. We’ll delve into the nitty-gritty of their business model, the specific criteria for qualifying for gigs, and the often time-consuming quest to find the right survey. Stay tuned for the real scoop.

What is QuickRewards?

QuickRewards, the wise elder of the reward site scene, was brought into existence by Dmitry Beker. Picture this: it’s 2002, and in the bustling borough of Brooklyn, New York, the idea for the survey platform was born. Fast forward to today, and the site is still able to cough up around 280,000 visitors per month, as reported by SimilarWeb.com – quite impressive after such a long time. While QuickRewards may be an elder in the online survey world, unlike fine wine, it’s not getting better with age though – it’s just showing some cracks in its survey facade! 🍷😄 Read on for an update on what’s happening on this site.

Is QuickRewards legit?

This is a platform that walks the line between legitimacy and its downsides. Importantly, it’s not a scam; users can rest assured that it doesn’t engage in fraudulent activities. Additionally, the fact that QuickRewards does not require users to provide sensitive financial information, such as credit card numbers, is a significant relief in the realm of online opportunities.

In essence, this is a legitimate platform for those seeking to earn rewards online. However, it’s crucial to be aware of the drawbacks mentioned in our review. The relatively low compensation, slow support, technical issues, and reliance on third-party survey offers are areas that can impact the user experience negatively.

One critical aspect to keep in mind when using the site is to exercise caution when redirected to third-party platforms through their portal. While the site itself may be legitimate, the quality and security of the external platforms it connects you to can vary widely. It’s essential to approach these external opportunities with scepticism and ensure they align with your online safety practices.

In summary, QuickRewards is a legitimate option for earning rewards online, but users should be discerning and critical when navigating its offerings and the third-party platforms it redirects to.

What’s the concept?

Signing up for this site is essentially a foray into the world of earning through surveys, but let’s peel back the curtain on how it all works. QuickRewards Network, the mastermind behind this platform, operates on a simple yet impactful business model: selling access to research participants. Companies and researchers are in constant need of data from specific demographics, and that’s where we, the participants, come in.

quickrewards review

An interesting feature of Quickrewards is that they let you choose the invitation frequency when signing up.

Each survey or gig on QuickRewards has a highly specific set of criteria that determines who qualifies. These criteria can range from age and gender to location, income level, employment status, and even occupation. It’s like a matchmaking game where you have to be the right fit for the survey’s requirements. Here’s the kicker: based on our experience, we found ourselves qualifying for only about 20% of the gigs we attempted.

The consequence? Well, you’ll need to factor in a certain amount of time spent clicking through surveys before you eventually find one that you actually qualify for. It’s like a treasure hunt where the treasure chest is hidden behind layers of ‘Sorry, you don’t meet the criteria.’ So, while this site offers opportunities, be prepared for some time investment and the occasional frustration of not quite hitting the mark.

The Rewards

Ah, QuickRewards – the rewards, they beckon! But let’s be real folks.

They offer the classic duo of rewards for surveys – PayPal cash and GiftCards. PayPal is a crowd-pleaser, no doubt about it. It’s that sweet, cold, hard cash in the digital realm. And GiftCards, well, they can be nifty too if you’ve got a specific shopping spree in mind.

Now, here’s the nitty-gritty: the compensation. Brace yourself, it’s not a blockbuster. On average, the rewards tend to be on the lower side, usually below $0.50 per survey. Needless to say, they don’t always hit the mark in the compensation department.

quickrewards review

QuickRewards review from Trustpilot by a user complaining about low payouts.

But, here’s a glimmer of hope. QuickRewards scores a point with no minimum payment threshold for PayPal. That means even if you’ve earned just a little bit, you can cash out without waiting forever to reach a certain amount.

So, in the grand scheme of things, they offer rewards that are nice but not necessarily hefty. It’s a balancing act between the convenience of PayPal and the modest compensation. If you’re in it for quick and small cashouts, it might just fit the bill. But if you’re after more substantial rewards, you might want to keep exploring other survey options.

Summary – Pros and Cons

Looking to add QuickRewards to your list of survey sites? Let’s break it down candidly.

The Pros:

  1. Varied Earning Opportunities: They offer multiple ways to earn, from surveys to cashback shopping. Variety is the spice of life, and this platform serves it up.
  2. PayPal Payments: They also boast PayPal payments, making cashing in your earnings hassle-free.
  3. No payment threshold: There is no minimum threshold for cashing out through PayPal.

The Cons:

  1. Low Compensation: Here’s the catch: while they offer various opportunities, the compensation often falls on the lower end. Your time may not always equate to significant rewards.
  2. Slow Support: If you run into issues or have questions, be prepared for potentially sluggish support responses. Prompt help isn’t always their strong suit.
  3. Technical Glitches: Just like any online venture, QuickRewards isn’t immune to technical quirks. These can be a real thorn in the side during your earning journey.
  4. Hard to Qualify: The familiar tale of trying to qualify for surveys, only to be met with disqualification, is a common one here. Patience is a virtue.
  5. Mostly 3rd-Party Survey Offers: They rely heavily on third-party survey providers, which can mean inconsistency in both availability and quality.
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QuickRewards Review Summary
QuickRewards offers a smorgasbord of earning options and the convenience of PayPal payments. However, it falls short in terms of compensation, response times for support, and the occasional technical hiccup. Plus, the stringent survey qualification process and reliance on third-party offers can be a source of frustration. In summary, QuickRewards can be a decent addition to your survey site arsenal if you're patient and value variety in earning opportunities. But if you're aiming for higher rewards and a smoother user experience, you might want to explore alternatives with a bit more to offer.
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  • PayPal payments
  • Long-established since 2002
  • No payment threshold
  • Low compensation
  • Slow support
  • Technical glitches
  • Hard to qualify
  • Mostly 3rd party survey offers

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