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FusionCash Review

FusionCash is a classic rewards website where you can earn cash in return for completing a smorgasbord of online tasks. In this review, we’ll take a close look at the type of earnings you can expect, and go through some of the pros and cons of signing up.

What type of tasks can I earn from?

These are the main categories of paid opportunities:

  1. Fusion Cash surveys
  2. Paid offers
  3. Referring friends
  4. Other earnings such as getting paid to click

Paid offers and surveys represent the biggest earning opportunities. The type of offers you find includes signing up for software trials, games, casino sites, subscriptions and testing different types of apps and websites. These offers usually come with a catch, so it’s important to read through the small print before signing up.

FusionCash paid surveys

You’ll also find an offerwall on FusionCash featuring paid survey opportunities. These surveys are offered by FusionCash’s partners such as Cint, PureSpectrum and Dynata. The good thing is that you don’t need to register in order to take the surveys, but can complete them without submitting your personal information such as email address and phone number. The drawback is that it can be very hard to qualify for the surveys and they’re not that well paid.

Here are some examples of survey opportunities we were offered:

  • Grocery store study – $0.50 – 10 minutes
  • Pizza restaurant survey – $0.30 – 12 minutes
  • Car insurance study – $0.80 – 8 minutes

As you can see, the surveys don’t pay a lot, so you’ll need to take a lot of them to reach a meaningful amount.

How do I get paid?

You can get paid through PayPal or by check. The minimum threshold is $25, which is very high. By earning an average of $0.50 per survey, you’ll need to take as many as 50 surveys before you’ll be able to enjoy your hard-earned cash. They also process the payments just once per month, so you might risk waiting almost a whole month when redeeming your cash. This is far too long.

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Fusion Cash Review Summary
Classic rewards site with average payout. A very high threshold in terms of minimum payout level, and the payment process also takes a lot of time. Not recommended.
Survey Experience
Survey Matching
Incentive Level
Redeeming Rewards
  • Some interesting offers and survey opportunities
  • Clean interface
  • Average-low payout per survey
  • High payment threshold
  • Long payment processing
  • Lack of transparency in terms of company information and rewards

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