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PrizeRebel Review 

PrizeRebel is a part of the market research company iAngelic, Inc. It has been connecting market researchers and everyday consumers since 2007. The company gives opportunities to consumers to shape the future of products and surveys by giving their opinions in return for free gift cards and PayPal cash. PrizeRebel is based in the US but they accept members from 183 countries which includes the UK, Germany, Mexico, Canada, India, and Australia. There are over 12 million users worldwide and you are invited to join for free and participate.

Is PrizeRebel a legit survey-site? 

PrizeRebel is definitely a legit and safe site. It has millions of members as of 2022 and it has already paid out over $21 million to its members. Ranked as the 11th safest survey site with positive reviews and above-average ratings on the majority of platforms. A lot of the surveys are focused on testing new products or getting feedback for products you already have.

Data Privacy: Any reason for concern? 

Personal information collected from you is only used to process your reward orders, manage your account, and make available market surveys that may be of interest to you. Your personal information is passed to third-party companies so they may offer you their products and services but will only be made with your express consent. Your name, email address, or phone number will not be shared. Your personal data will never be sold or marketed and your demographic information is only used to match you to available surveys.

How to get started 

PrizeRebel does not have a mobile app. Using your email, sign up for free on the PrizeRebel website. You can sign up for a free account, and confirm your registration by clicking on the validation link in the welcome email they send to your inbox. After completing these steps, you can now start taking surveys and earn reward points.

You need to be at least 18 years old. Some surveys that are targeted to minors who are at least 16 years old and older must be done with the consent of the parents and using the parent’s device/account.

What about the survey experience? 

Multiple surveys are available each day. You can take your surveys on your laptop or mobile through its browser. To ensure you are qualified for surveys, make sure to honestly fill out your profile questionnaire. Demographic questions are the same questions you answered in the profile questions, researchers repeat the questions to make sure your responses are up to date.

How much can you make on PrizeRebel? 

The average hourly rate is between $2 and $5 per hour, with an average of 10-20 minutes per survey. On average, the reward for a single survey is around 50 points. The payout threshold is $5.  Accumulated 500 points is equivalent to $5 cash or $5 worth of gift cards of different types. Payment can be made through PayPal and gift cards from famous brands such as Gap, Walmart, Amazon, Google Play, Playstation, and Nike. if you invite a friend, you can earn between 15% to 30% of all the points they earn.

What can prevent me from cashing out? 

Like with other survey sites, you might get disqualified if you give random or dishonest answers. You might also be disqualified for not fitting the target audience of the survey or for not following instructions.  Always check statements to help the researcher know you are paying attention. Failing attention checks can cause you to be disqualified for the survey or even banned from completing surveys by the survey provider. Always give honest information and be consistent. Moreover, you are only entitled to create one account. If you attempt to create more accounts in the hope of earning more money, this may be regarded as fraud which will have you banned and lose all money accumulated in your account.

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PrizeRebel Review Summary
PrizeRebel is credible, trustworthy, and operated by a legitimate company. The platform is also in the highest bracket of the industry which offers an opportunity to earn between $2 and $5 an hour. If you are looking for a reliable and lucrative way to make money, PrizeRebel might be it.
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