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Small Business Knowledge Center Review

Small Business Knowledge Center or “SBKC Center” is a site where regular consumers and business professionals can earn money by forwarding their junk email. As compensation, you’ll earn virtual points which you can exchange into credits on a prepaid debit card.

What type of paid tasks are we talking about?

You’ll be able to earn from two types of tasks:

  1. Consumers: SBKC Center is looking for ordinary people willing to forward their junk mail to them. Both direct mail through the post and emails qualify.
  2. Business professionals:  Independent Insurance Agents, Advisors, Brokers or Producers are asked to forward direct communications from carriers and financial institutions.

How do I get paid?

The marketing material you forward to SBKC will qualify for virtual rewards points. Once you’ve reached 2,000 points you’ll be able to redeem a $20 prepaid debit card. SBKC estimate that you’ll be able to earn 2,000 every 6 to 10 weeks. You’re kept up to date on your point balance on a weekly basis.

Is Small Business Knowledge Center legit?

Yes, SBKC is a legit business. We like that they are upfront about how much you can earn, without setting too high expectations. As a small business, they also provide excellent and friendly customer service if you have questions.


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Small Business Knowledge Center Review Summary
Small Business Knowledge Center offers a unique way for you to earn money on your junk mail and email. We like the fact that they're upfront and honest about the payment level.
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  • Does what it says on the tine
  • Easy repetitive tasks
  • Easy to qualify
  • Limited earning opportunities
  • Payment threshold a bit high

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Small Business Knowledge Center
Small Business Knowledge Center
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