The best paid surveys for healthcare professionals

Many companies offer paid surveys to healthcare professionals, but what are the best ones? Read on to find out! There are some definite winners. Here are four to watch out for: MedPanel, Inspired Opinions, M3 Global Research, and ZoomRx. Each of these companies offers different kinds of surveys. Each of them has a unique way of recruiting panelists. Some are easier to qualify for than others, but they all have their pros and cons.

What are the best healthcare online panels?


If you are a doctor or other medical professional, you may be interested in taking MedPanel paid surveys. This panel is open to healthcare professionals from a wide range of countries. You can earn $15 to $140 per project, depending on the length of the survey and the complexity of the question. Payments are generally issued in the form of a check or PayPal, but sometimes Amazon gift cards are also given.

If you are employed at a medical or healthcare company, you should consult with a human resources representative for approval before joining the panel. Once you have approved, you should fill out your profile fully, so the panel will know how to target surveys for your area of expertise. You can also opt to sign up with several survey sites and try out different types of surveys. MedPanel has an excellent reputation with healthcare professionals, and many of its panel members have made a living from online surveys.

Inspired Opinions

If you’re a healthcare professional, you may want to check out Inspired Opinions paid surveys for healthcare professionals. The company, which is a part of the Schlesinger Group, has been around for over 20 years and offers a variety of different paid survey opportunities. If you’re a health care professional, you may have a conflict of interest or other issues that would make your participation in a paid survey question impossible.

Medical professionals are a particularly lucrative market, with a range of survey opportunities relevant to their field. For example, Inspired Opinions pays well for studies on exercise in the home and family activities. Other survey opportunities include studies for medical device and biotechnology companies. Whether you’re a physician or a nurse, these sites are a great way to make extra cash and stay up to date on the latest trends in healthcare.

M3 Global Research

Healthcare professionals can take surveys to gain valuable information and earn extra cash. The average survey takes between five and fifteen minutes to complete. This work is ideal for experts in the field of healthcare who want to stay up to date with the latest medical treatments. M3 Global Research is an example of a legitimate survey company for healthcare professionals. You can register with this company for a bonus when you complete your first survey. You can even receive a bonus every time you take more than one survey.

M3 Global Research’s pre-screening surveys help them determine the profile of potential respondents before sending them a survey. Potential respondent profiles are qualified within the first five questions. Those whose incompatible profiles will be routed to M3 Global Research for further screening. This way, M3 Global Research can avoid sending inappropriate surveys to potential respondent profiles. M3 Global Research conducts a background check on each respondent before being matched to a survey.


If you’re a health care professional, consider taking ZoomRx paid surveys. This online survey site pays participants via Paypal. Depending on the type of survey, participants can earn a decent amount per survey. The surveys average 10 minutes in length, and compensation is immediate via Paypal. You can even donate to charities while you’re taking these surveys. Here’s how to get started. The first step: sign up for ZoomRx.

Before you start answering surveys, make sure you know the survey topic. For example, if you’re a physician, the survey may focus on patient adherence to insulin. If you’re a nurse, you might be asked about prescribing habits. As a healthcare professional, you should be aware of any research that pertains to your field. Most surveys are five to fifteen minutes long.

Paid surveys for physicians

Physicians must sign up for healthcare professional survey sites to earn cash by taking online medical surveys. Depending on the surveys, physicians may be asked to provide their NPI (National Provider Identifier) number. This number matches the physician’s full name; however, physicians can also provide their medical license number. Physicians are strongly encouraged to state their specialty when signing up for physician surveys. If you are not a physician, you can always provide your medical license number instead.

paid surveys for physicians

Physicians survey sites

You can sign up for paid physician survey sites if you’re a medical professional. These sites will provide anonymity and not harm your professional reputation. You can even opt-out of answering personal questions, so your answers won’t be linked to your name. Moreover, you’ll never breach the patient’s privacy. The panels will also offer a privacy policy so you can rest assured that your responses are completely anonymous.

In addition to paying well, these surveys will also let you share your medical knowledge with renowned scientists. MD for Lives is a relatively new physician survey site, but it matches its physicians with paid surveys. It’s easy to navigate and has a clean interface. You can take part in surveys from any device. Another option is Medical Advisory Board, a Texas-based consulting company. It operates on a points-based system that rewards its panel members with prizes.

Online medical surveys

If you’re a physician, you might be interested in earning money online by taking surveys for pharmaceutical and medical companies. Physicians can sign up with Sermo, which has partnered with 500+ healthcare companies by 2021, and 17 of the top 25 manufacturers in the world. Paid surveys are industry-sponsored and may relate to unapproved or theoretical products. These surveys cannot earn physicians CME credit, but some experts claim to do so. Make sure to check the CME credit status of paid surveys before participating.

Physicians can earn money by taking online paid medical surveys by earning cash or gift cards. The size of the payment depends on the survey length and frequency. Physicians who take paid surveys can earn hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars each year. These surveys are often targeted toward specific groups of people and are highly valuable to society and companies. However, if you’re a physician who’d like to earn more money, you should check out other physician side hustle opportunities.

paid surveys for physicians

Extra cash for physicians taking surveys

If you’re a physician looking for additional income, you may want to try earning some extra cash by taking paid surveys. Many physician survey sites offer gift cards or cash rewards. One such site, All Global Circle, is a market research firm that focuses on the health care industry. Members can redeem rewards for gift cards or products by completing an online survey. In addition to paying good cash, physician surveys are great ways to keep up to date with new technologies, products, and services in your field.

You can earn hundreds of dollars per year by participating in market research studies. Many physicians are already earning hundreds of dollars a year from this method of earning extra cash. In addition, physicians can do it during commercial breaks and earn some extra cash simultaneously. Many physicians earn as much as $20k annually by taking surveys in their spare time. Even if the pay is small, it’s enough to wipe out student loan debt.

Paid surveys for nurses

Did you know that nurses can earn extra cash by taking paid surveys? If you are interested in earning money from home, you should sign up for a survey website specifically for nurses. These websites partner with market research companies that focus on healthcare, so you are guaranteed to receive surveys about healthcare. However, you should not sign up for every survey site. These sites will not be as lucrative as those dedicated to other industries. The good news is that you can make a nice sum of cash just by filling out surveys!

paid surveys for nurses

Survey sites for nurses

Paid survey sites for nurses allow healthcare professionals to earn cash for their opinions. Many of these websites partner with market research companies that focus on the healthcare industry. The surveys you receive will only pertain to that industry so you won’t be receiving surveys on other products or services. These sites also have a privacy policy, so you can be assured that your answers won’t be tainted by patient information. This way, you can rest easy that you won’t risk damaging your professional reputation.

However, some survey panels do not pay you for participating in their surveys. It is vital that you check the rules and policies of your company to find out what survey sites are acceptable. Many surveys require that you provide proof of your healthcare background. This is why it’s imperative to register with several survey sites. Some even offer registration bonuses! Make sure you check the site’s policy before you decide to join. When you join a paid survey panel, you’ll have more opportunities to earn cash.

Online medical surveys

If you are a nurse or a nursing student, you might want to consider participating in online medical surveys. These surveys offer the chance to share your opinions on products and services. Some of these surveys take as little as 10 minutes to complete, and you can earn anywhere from $20 to $1,000. You can choose the type of survey that interests you and earn a decent amount. This way, you can earn extra money and help patients worldwide.

Online medical surveys for nurses are great ways to supplement a nursing or healthcare professional’s income. Many survey companies will allow survey participants to enter a drawing for remuneration. In addition to getting paid for completing surveys, you can also receive several other benefits. Many top companies also offer registration bonuses to their panelists, so check out your options. There are some risks to taking online surveys, but the rewards are worth it.

Extra cash for nurses taking surveys

If you are a nurse looking to make extra cash, you can take surveys to earn money from home. Most survey sites pay between $10 and $17 per hour, and many also offer cash-out options. Earning money from surveys is a great way to earn extra cash from home while maintaining a steady job. Among the most popular survey sites is Survey Junkie, which has a great reputation and a high payout rate.

Numerous companies are willing to pay nurses for their opinions and feedback, which can help patients improve their health. To get started, you can start by looking for legitimate survey sites.  

Panels that offer paid surveys for dentists

If you are a dentist or a dental professional, you can sign up for paid surveys with panelists that pay well. You can start earning money right away with these surveys, and there are many benefits to be gained. Some of the top paid survey panels pay up to $1000. You can earn a lot of money with them, and you can be rewarded with gifts and check vouchers! So, why wait? Join a panel today!

paid surveys for dentists

Joining these survey panels is easy, and the best part is that they will never make you look unprofessional. You can sign up for paid survey sites that target health care professionals. Just make sure that the survey panels will never attach your name to your answers! Most of the legitimate surveys sites do not require you to give any personal details about your patients, so they can maintain your privacy. These survey sites have privacy policies and do not ask you any personal questions about your patients.

Taking market research surveys for dentists does not promise you a large income overnight. However, some doctors view it as an investment, and the small payments can quickly add up. Also, you can get a sneak peek at new treatments, medical research, and pharmaceutical launches. In short, these surveys give you a voice in the healthcare industry. Here are some tips to earn from paid surveys for dentists:

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