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Curizon Review

Run by the market research provider Toluna, Curizon is an online research panel dedicated to shaping the future of healthcare and medicine by connecting medical professionals and their expert opinions with some of the world’s largest Healthcare and Pharmaceutical organizations.

Curizon Medical Surveys pays generous cash honoraria to health care professionals who sign up to the website and take online surveys. Curizon accepts professional medical staff, including doctors, nurses, and clerical staff. This site is suitable for a variety of health care professionals.

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Who can sign up for Curizon Healthcare Panel?

Physicians can sign up for this program to earn money for their expertise, such as rheumatologists, neurologists, cardiologists, gastroenterologists, and pulmonologists. Remember that you must be a registered healthcare professional to qualify for the paid survey program. If you’re not an active healthcare professional, you might not be considered for this program. 

How much can I earn?

The requirements for membership are high, but once you meet the requirements, you can start earning money online. You will typically earn between $1 to $3 per minute, depending on the survey you choose. For more information about rewards, visit the website. It is easy to join and complete, and the rewards are excellent.

Curizon Medical Surveys is an excellent opportunity for physicians looking for a side gig. With this program, you can get paid in gift cards and cash. You can even sign up for multiple survey panels to maximize your earnings. This program can be the ideal alternative for busy physicians. This survey site pays well and offers a flexible work schedule for medical professionals.

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How do I sign up for Curizon?

Curizon Healthcare panel is open to physicians/medical doctors and other healthcare professionals such as registered nurses.

When you join, you’ll be expected to submit the following information to be vetted:

  1. Your preferred email address
  2. Full first and last name
  3. Primary speciality
  4. Institution/hospital affiliation
  5. Hospital Location

Note that this is not a “free for all” survey site. Normally you’ll receive a unique invitation link through a professional organization or website you are a member of.

Hold on a second. Is Curizon a legit site?

It’s important to remember that Curizon is a trading name of the French market research provider Toluna. Toluna is one of the top 5 market research providers globally and is considered a trustworthy company within the market research industry, with some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical and healthcare companies on its client list.

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Curizon Review Summary
Curizon is part of Toluna, which is one of the largest market research providers in the world. This is a panel exclusive to healthcare professionals such as medical doctors and registered nurses, and the incentive level will be much higher than for standard consumer surveys. Honoraria depends on the complexity of the survey and medical field, but you can expect to earn upwards of $100 per hour.
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  • Exclusive panel community for healthcare professionals
  • The panel is run by a legit market research company
  • Honoraria are much more generous than standard consumer surveys
  • Surveys can be done on the go without any commitments
  • Survey frequency can be hard to predict
  • Respondents can be screened out if not fitting with the exact target-group
  • Complex survey topics require deep concentration
  • The payout process can take several weeks (for amounts above $100)

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