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e-Rewards Medical Review 

e-Rewards Medical is a legit market research panel for healthcare professionals, only accessible by invitation. In this review, we’ll take a closer look at the pros and cons of registering on their portal.

What’s this paid gig all about?

e-Rewards Medical is a market research panel that conducts online surveys for healthcare professionals in exchange for cash rewards. The panel is owned and operated by Dynata, a global leader in data collection within the market research industry. Members are invited to take surveys via email or their member dashboard and are free to participate for as long as they choose. The program is open to any physician, nurse, or healthcare professional over the age of 18 who is a legal resident of the United States, and occasionally to medical students or residents.

To ensure the integrity of medical market research studies, the panel asks for a DEA number to verify a physician’s eligibility. The panel may also send survey invitations to non-members to supplement survey data, which can be opted out of by contacting the Member Support Team.

After completing a survey, members receive a Reward Confirmation Email containing their reward details and a unique token. Rewards can be redeemed for a virtual or physical Mastercard Prepaid Card or a check. However, if a member chooses to redeem a virtual Mastercard Prepaid Card, verification of their identity may be required, and failure to provide valid information can result in forfeiture of the reward.

This platform is definitely legit. By participating in this survey site, your expert opinions will help shape the future of medicine and healthcare.

Any drawbacks?

There are some potential downsides to taking online surveys for healthcare professionals, particularly in terms of time and privacy concerns. Healthcare professionals may find it difficult to find the time to complete surveys on top of their already busy schedules, and may also feel overwhelmed by the number of survey invitations they receive.

In addition, there may be privacy concerns related to the information shared in surveys. While e-Rewards Medical states that all members have opted in to join the panel and that their information will be kept confidential, some healthcare professionals may be hesitant to share personal or sensitive information with a third-party company, even if it is for market research purposes.

There is also the potential for survey fatigue, where healthcare professionals become overwhelmed or fatigued from completing too many surveys, which could result in inaccurate or incomplete responses. Finally, the cash rewards offered by the panel may not always be substantial, and may not be worth the time and effort required to complete the surveys.

What type of survey topics can I expect?

Online surveys for healthcare professionals can cover a wide range of topics related to healthcare and pharmaceuticals. The specific topics of the surveys can vary depending on the needs of the companies conducting the research. Some of the topics that may be covered in these surveys include:

  • Opinions on new drugs or treatments: These surveys may ask healthcare professionals about their opinions on new drugs or treatments that are currently in development or have recently been approved by regulatory bodies.
  • Patient care: Surveys may also ask healthcare professionals about their experiences and opinions regarding patient care, including patient education, treatment options, and patient outcomes.
  • Medical devices: Surveys may also ask healthcare professionals about their experiences and opinions regarding medical devices, such as medical equipment or diagnostic tools.
  • Practice management: Some surveys may focus on practice management issues, such as billing and reimbursement, patient scheduling, and office workflow.
  • Healthcare policy: Surveys may also ask healthcare professionals about their opinions on healthcare policy issues, such as healthcare reform or the impact of new regulations on the healthcare industry.

How much does e-Rewards Medical pay in honorarium?

What e-Rewards Medical pays in honorarium largely depends on two key factors:

  • Medical speciality: As an example, Medical Oncologists will typically earn a higher honorarium than a General Practitioner (GP).
  • Survey length: The honoraria increase with survey length, usually in increments of 5 or 10 minutes.

Here are a few examples of what you can expect to get paid:

Survey subject Length Honorarium
Orthopedic Surgeon  10 minutes $30
Neuro-Oncologist  25 minutes $80
Chiropractor  25 minutes  $50
Radiologist  30 minutes  $75

These are just examples. Actual honoraria can vary a great deal from survey to survey.

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e-Rewards Medical Review Summary
e-Rewards Medical is a niche survey site for healthcare professionals. It's an invitation-only panel, and physicians will be verified through their DEA number. The honorarium per survey is determined based on survey length and medical speciality.
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  • Market level honoraria
  • Surveys are relevant to the medical profession
  • Valuable contributions to medical research
  • Legit market research company
  • Long open-ended questions
  • Frequent survey invitations
  • It can be hard to qualify

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