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TrendsetterClub Review

TrendsetterClub is an online survey site focused on Germany, Austria and Switzerland (DACH-region). The survey site was originally founded by Gapfish GmbH in Berlin, and acquired by Cint Group AB in 2021. You will receive a reward for every completed survey, and TrendsetterClub promises participation in many varied surveys on various topics.

How does Trendsetter Club work?

After registering for free and completing the profile questionnaire, you can participate in exciting surveys. You will receive the invitations by email and can choose which survey you would like to participate in and which you would rather not. For each successful participation, you receive points, so-called TrendPoints, which you can later exchange for prizes.

TrendsetterClub login page

How is the payment made?

You can exchange the points you have collected for an Amazon voucher for 2,500 points. For 2,500 points, you will receive an Amazon voucher worth 5 euros. TrendsetterClub recently started offering payment via bank transfer. From 5,000 points, you can request a payout to your account. Five thousand points correspond to the equivalent of 10 euros.

How much money can I make at TrendsetterClub?

Unfortunately, there is no generally applicable answer to this question – neither from us nor anyone else. Unfortunately, anyone who tells you that you can earn a monthly sum X at TrendsetterClub is not telling you the truth. The truth is that it can range from “very little” to “very much.” For most people, it’s probably somewhere in between. We could now show you how much we have earned within four weeks, but what added value does that offer you? We don’t want to tell you any fairy tales and have therefore written an article in which we once again examine the topic of payment and remuneration in detail.

How many surveys are available on TrendsetterClub?

The number of surveys available to you depends on many factors. A good tip for receiving as many survey invitations as possible is to fill out the profile questionnaire as completely as possible and always keep it up to date. During our test, we received invitations to surveys almost every day and were able to qualify to participate more often than average.

What types of surveys are offered?

TrendsetterClub mainly conducts regular online surveys, but many other studies are also offered. In your profile settings, you can choose which special studies you would like to be invited to.

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TredsetterClub Review Summary
TrendsetterClub is a well-known platform for German speakers that allow users to earn money by taking part in market research surveys. Earn money with the sign-up bonus, simple surveys, and referral program. The following are its pros and cons.
Survey Experience
Survey Matching
Incentive Level
Redeeming Rewards
  • Good quality surveys
  • Easy to qualify for new surveys
  • A constant flow of survey opportunities
  • Not too high redemption threshold
  • Relatively low incentives

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