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PaidViewPoint Review

PaidViewPoint is a website where you can earn money through PayPal (for all countries), amazon gift cards, and Walmart gift cards (for members in the US and Canada) by answering survey questions. It is a long-established website operated by AYTM (Ask Your Target Market). Once you register and answer the survey questions, you are helping small and large businesses conduct valuable market research.

PaidViewPoint will pay you cash every time you completed the online surveys. The surveys are usually short and engaging, but not always well paid. By referring the program to friends you can boost your earnings. In the refer a friend program, you will get a 20% of cashouts of your referrals. Note that you need to be above the minimum age to take part in surveys and that the age limit varies by country (13 years in the US).

Is PaidViewPoint a legit survey site?

PaidViewPoint is operated by AYTM (Ask Your Target Market), which is a long-established and legit provider of data to the market research industry. AYTM earns money by renting out their survey-takers (i.e. you) to researchers who need access to a large pool of respondents to fulfil market research surveys. This means you’ll be exposed to surveys fielded by third party professional market research buyers. While your survey data will be shared with other companies, your personal identifiers like email address, phone number and name will remain confidential (unless otherwise stated).

How to get accepted as a verified survey taker

To access the program, you need to register and verify your mobile number. PaidViewPoint will ask for your email address where they will send you a daily selection of survey opportunities enabling you to accumulate rewards. You will also need to provide your demographic information like birthdate, zip code and gender. The more information you provide to PaidViewPoint the easier it will be for them to match you with surveys. After successfully logging in you would also need to provide a PayPal address where they can send your payment.  

How to get started earning money on PaidViewPoint

Once you logged in to the PaidViewPoint website you will be able to participate in online surveys and other programs. There is also a welcome bonus upon registration, the amount depends on what country you are located but it is usually $1. If you want to check if there’s a newly available survey on its site,  one way to check it is to go to PaidViewPoint dashboard and you’ll see a notification in the top right  corner that tells you a message” 1 survey is waiting”  

Survey experience on Paid Viewpoint

PadViewPoint does not have a mobile app but you can always log in and take surveys through your browser using your android phone or IOS phone.  Padviewpoint will also allow you to sign up as an affiliate and earn more money and rewards. PaidViewPoint offers two types of surveys; traits survey and market research survey. A traits survey is getting an idea of your traits,  demographic, and interests. The purpose of this is to be able to match you with potentially better-paid surveys without risking screening out.

How much can I earn with PaidViewPoint?

You can earn between $0.03 to $0.10 by answering trait surveys which contribute to your overall trait score. If you reach the 9000-trait score or more you will become a PV member. PV member earns more money than regular members. A market research survey is a type of survey that is commissioned by the clients of PaidViewPoint. For these types of surveys, you can earn between $0.25 to $1.50 depending on the length and complexity of the online questionnaire. 

How difficult is it to cash out?

The threshold for cashing out your rewards is $15. This might not sound like a lot, but considering that you’ll earn less than $0.50 per task you’ll need to be prepared to spend quite a lot of time on the PaidViewPoint to be able to eventually withdraw your hard-earned cash. The second time you cash out the redemption level is $10 and all the following withdrawal limits are $5 so it definitely pays off to be a loyal PaidViewPoint member over time.

What can prevent me from getting paid?

First of all, you need to qualify for the surveys. You’ll experience being screened out quite often, which means you’ll not be able to finalize the survey and get paid. You should also pay close attention to your answers when taking surveys. By implementing so-called attention-checks, PaidViewPoint can reject your answers if they detect that you are just submitting random answers without any meaning, or gibberish feedback in the open-ended questions. Also, make sure that your PayPal account information is matching with your PaidViewPoint profile to avoid any hiccups during the payment process.

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PaidViewpoint Review Summary
PaidViewPoint is a website where you can earn money by answering survey questions operated by AYTM (Ask Your Target Market). It offers two types of surveys; traits surveys and market research surveys. Trait surveys want to know your general profile, demographic information, and interests while market research surveys ask for specifics such as your shopping habits. The general incentive level is not very high, but with persistence, you’ll be able to get a bit of extra money cashed out.
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  • High level of qualification
  • Good range of survey topics
  • Fun and interesting surveys
  • A few typos in the surveys
  • Translation mistakes in questionnaires
  • Hard to reach the redemption level for your first reward

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