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QRS Professionals Community

QRS is an independent market research agency offering research participants the opportunity to earn rewards in return for their opinions. Their community of professionals is a business panel focused on B2B research. As opposed to consumer surveys, you can expect to receive surveys related to B2B products and services linked to our line of work.

What is a B2B panel?

A B2B panel refers to a group of business-to-business (B2B) professionals who are recruited and assembled to participate in market research studies, such as surveys, focus groups, or interviews. These professionals may include decision-makers, influencers, or end-users of products or services in a particular industry.

B2B panels are often used by market research firms, consulting companies, or businesses to gather insights on market trends, customer needs, preferences, and behaviours. The data collected from B2B panels can be used to inform strategic business decisions, develop new products, improve existing ones, or enhance customer experiences.

B2B panels may be recruited through various methods, including email invitations, social media ads, or targeted advertising. Panellists are typically incentivized for their participation, either through monetary rewards or other incentives such as access to exclusive content or early product releases.

Is QRS a legit panel?

Yes, QRS is a reliable panel run by an established UK market research company. Established in 1975, QRS claims to be UK’s longest-established independent data collection company. Their services include traditional and emerging data collection technologies such as online surveys, telephone surveys, product tests and mystery shopping. As for joining their B2B panel, you can expect to take part in both online and telephone surveys.

What type of surveys will I receive?

Several of the B2B surveys we received when testing QRS aimed to understand the specific needs and preferences of B2B customers. For example, a company might conduct a survey or focus group to determine what features or benefits customers value most in a product or service. Competitive research is also very common; his type of research examines the strengths and weaknesses of a company’s competitors in the B2B market. On behalf of a client, QRS might analyze the marketing strategies, pricing, and product offerings of its top competitors to identify opportunities for differentiation and improvement. If you are more interested in consumer topics, they also have a panel called Kaboodle-MR which focuses on qualitative research where you will primarily be invited to take part in focus groups, depth interviews, product tests, and from time to time other research projects such as mystery shopping.

What about confidentiality, what am I allowed to share?

B2B market research often involves gathering sensitive information about a company’s products, services, strategies, operations, and customers. If this information is shared without the proper safeguards, it can lead to a breach of confidentiality and potentially harm the company’s competitive advantage. To avoid this problem, it is important for companies such as QRS to conduct B2B research following strict ethical standards and legal compliance. This includes obtaining informed consent from research participants, ensuring that data is securely stored and transmitted, and limiting access to confidential information to authorized personnel only.

In addition, B2B market research firms should have strict policies and procedures in place to prevent any conflicts of interest and to ensure that they comply with legal and ethical guidelines governing the use of confidential information. Check our article on compliance when conducting expert calls for a reminder of what you should and should not share.

What can I earn?

You can receive payments via a bank transfer, Amazon vouchers, High street vouchers or Charity donations. Payment methods will always be explained upfront at the start of a project.

Is it safe to share my data with QRS?

QRS are members of the Market Research Society and registered as Data Controllers with the ICO. In addition, they are ISO accredited to 9001 and 20252 standards. As a professional market research company, QRS adheres to GDPR regulations.

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QRS is a B2B panel which pays above average in terms of rewards. While you might get access to interesting professional surveys, keep in mind they'll contact you just a few times per year.
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  • Surveys match well
  • Interesting topics relevant to your career
  • Good rewards compared to consumer surveys
  • Surveys can be long and complex
  • Very few survey opportunities (expect to be contacted 3-4 times per year)

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