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M3 Global Research

The M3 Panel is a community of healthcare professionals earning rewards while contributing to market research subjects linked to their professional experience. We’ve looked at the pros and cons of signing up for one of the world’s largest healthcare panels, owned by the Japanese company M3 Inc.

What is M3 Global Research?

M3 Global Research is part of M3 Inc. founded in 2000 and listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. By facilitating access to vetted healthcare professionals, M3 attracts market research clients such as pharmaceutical and biotech companies, medical device manufacturers and healthcare providers such as hospitals and clinics.

M3’s clients use medical market research to gain insights into the healthcare industry, patient demographics, disease prevalence, treatment options, and emerging technologies, among other factors, in order to inform their business decisions, product development strategies, and clinical practices. Based on the outcomes of the research, these companies can make better-informed decisions about their products, services, and business strategies.

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What type of healthcare professionals are accepted?

Examples of healthcare professionals participating in M3 Global Research studies:

Profession Overall Specialization Examples of Research Subjects
Physicians Clinical Medicine Cancer, infectious diseases, cardiovascular diseases
Nurse Practitioners Nursing Chronic disease management, patient education
Physician Assistants Clinical Medicine Patient outcomes, clinical trials
Registered Nurses Nursing Patient safety, nursing education
Medical Students Clinical Medicine Medical education, health policy
Pharmacists Pharmacy Drug interactions, drug development
Healthcare Executives Healthcare Management Healthcare system analysis, healthcare policy
Hospital administrators Healthcare Management Hospital operations, patient satisfaction
Medical technologists Medical Technology Medical laboratory research, medical device development
Veterinarians Veterinary Medicine Animal behavior, disease prevention
Biomedical engineers Biomedical Engineering Medical device design, tissue engineering
Dentists Dentistry Oral health, dental materials
Dental assistants Dentistry Oral hygiene education, dental assisting techniques
Eye care professionals Optometry Vision correction, eye disease treatment
Midwives Midwifery Pregnancy and childbirth outcomes, maternal health
Non-clinical healthcare professionals Healthcare Management Healthcare system efficiency, healthcare policy
Physical Therapists Physical Therapy Movement analysis, injury prevention
Occupational Therapists Occupational Therapy Occupational safety, assistive technology
Speech-Language Pathologists Speech-Language Pathology Language acquisition, speech disorders
Clinical Psychologists Clinical Psychology Mental health treatment outcomes, behavior modification
Psychiatrists Psychiatry Mental illness diagnosis, medication efficacy
Clinical Social Workers Social Work Social determinants of health, mental health services
Medical Billers Healthcare Administration Medical billing errors, insurance coverage
Medical Coders Healthcare Administration Medical coding accuracy, electronic health records
Medical Transcriptionists Healthcare Administration Medical record accuracy, patient confidentiality
Healthcare Educators Healthcare Education Medical education effectiveness, healthcare curriculum development


Also, consumers and patients that are interested in giving their opinion about goods, services, medication, etc. in the healthcare industry can join to be members of the community.

Is M3 Global Research a legit survey site? 

Yes, M3 Global Research is a legit healthcare market research provider, which can be fully trusted. M3 is a member of industry associations such as ephmra and Insights Association. Their panel is also ISO-certified, and they claim all of their healthcare panellists are triple-verified. 

What about the survey experience? 

Research surveys are sent via email. All invitations will include the type of study that you are being invited to participate in. Most of the surveys can be completed online. Other types of research include telephone interviews, focus groups, webcam interviews, in-person interviews, social media research, chat groups, and more.

You can choose the surveys you would like to participate in by looking at the information in the invitation, which covers the topic of the survey, compensation, deadline, and others. The average length of the survey is about 20 to 30 minutes. You can take the survey using the browser of your mobile device.

How much does M3 Global Research pay in honorarium?

M3 pays a similar level as other recognized medical market research providers. The honorarium will largely depend on two key factors:

  • Medical speciality: As an example, Medical Oncologists will typically earn a higher honorarium than a General Practitioner (GP).
  • Survey length: The honoraria increase with survey length, usually in increments of 5 or 10 minutes.

Here are a few examples of what you can expect to get paid:

Survey subject Length Honorarium
Survey on patients’ safety  20 minutes $50
Cancer medications survey  30 minutes $90
Oral hygiene products dentist survey  15 minutes  $35
Medical billing software  10 minutes  $20


These are just examples. Actual honoraria can vary a great deal from survey to survey.

Once you have completed a survey, your compensation will be added to your M3 Wallet after a quality review has been completed. This review typically takes 2 business days but could take longer. You can request payment after each completed survey, or also save your earnings and request a larger payout at a later stage. The payment methods can be different from country to country, but typically include pre-paid debit cards, checks, bank transfers

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M3 Global Research is a medical survey panel that pays healthcare professionals for their insights. This is a great way to leverage your professional experience to earn fair compensation for your time. While at the same time contributing to the greater good of medical research.
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  • Professionally relevant surveys
  • Interesting subjects
  • High rewards
  • Exclusive for healthcare professionals
  • Answering profiling questions takes quite a long time

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