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M3 Global Research Review 

M3 Global Research provides market research recruitment, data collection, and support services, reaching correspondents across 70 countries worldwide with a strong emphasis on the healthcare arena.

M3 Global Research operates in the US, Asia, and Europe with offices in Tokyo, Washington, D.C., Fort Washington PA, Oxford, London, and Seoul. M3 Global Research is a part of M3 Inc., which serves as a central platform for advancing innovation and reform across healthcare worldwide. 

Is M3 Global Research a legit survey site? 

Legit. M3 Global Research has helped people in the healthcare industry access the expert opinions of doctors and other professionals regarding products and services potentially being marketed. The parent company, M3 Inc., was founded in 2000 and is ranked in Forbes’ 2020 Global 2000 list of the world’s largest public companies.

Data Privacy: Any reason for concern? 

All personal information is confidential and never sold to third parties. The survey results are sent to clients without personally identifiable information. 

How to get started 

Membership is free. You can join by registering at https://www.m3globalresearch.com. Enter your name, profession and speciality, professional ID, and address during the registration process. Also, express your willingness to receive market research invitation emails through M3Global Research. This information will help identify the correct surveys pertinent to you and your speciality, title, or condition. 

You can join the panel if you are attending physicians of all specialities, residents, PAs, NPs, pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals. Physicians with specialities are particularly in demand. M3 Research operates in the US, Asia, and Europe. 

What about the survey experience? 

Research surveys are sent via email. All invitations will include the type of study that you are being invited to participate in. Most of the surveys can be completed online. Other types of research include telephone interviews, focus groups, webcam interviews, in-person interviews, social media research, chat groups, and more.

You can choose the surveys you would like to participate in by looking at the information in the invitation, which covers the topic of the survey, compensation, deadline, and others. The average length of the survey is about 20 to 30 minutes. You can take the survey using the browser of your mobile device.

How much can you make on M3 Global Research? 

Expect to earn approximately $60 to $300 for each hour you spend on a survey. Phone or online interviews are the most lucrative. Request a payout from your M3 wallet after the survey, and you’ll get a check in the mail soon after. UK members can choose the organisation to donate money to on the completion page. 

What can prevent me from cashing out? 

Survey invitations cannot be shared with others unless otherwise explicitly stated in the invitation itself.

Be truthful and thorough when answering the screener questions and the surveys to avoid disqualification.  

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M3 Global Research Review Summary
M3 Global Research is a popular medical survey panel that pays clinicians for their insights. The monetary value you received and your knowledge, education, training, and experience are valuable contributions to the medical institution.
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  • High earning potential
  • Offers a variety of business and consumer surveys
  • Exclusive for healthcare professionals
  • Answering profiling questions takes quite a long time

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