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What is Experts On Tap?

Experts OnTap is an expert network based in Philadephia. Experts OnTap was founded in 2018 as Enzyme Life Science Experts but rebranded in 2019. The network is connecting clients with subject matter specialists specializing in the Pharmaceutical, Diagnostics, Medical Device, and Biotechnology industries. Experts can participate in all consultations at no cost.

How to become a consultant in the expert network

Complete your profile

After you have registered and been approved, you’ll be able to access the Expert Portal. Here you can view all open consulting opportunities, modify your engagement preferences, and manage your consultations. Experts OnTap can match your experience and interests with suitable consulting opportunities by uploading your CV.

Get consulting opportunities

Your inbox will receive consulting opportunities that match your interests and expertise. A link will appear to let you know if you are interested in joining a consulting opportunity. An Experts OnTap representative will then reach out to discuss details.

Consult and get paid

Depending on which type of consultation you qualify for (Braintap or Lifeline, Reinforcement, etc.), an Experts OnTap account representative will assist and ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible. Experts OnTap will pay you for the time spent with the client after the consultation is completed. 

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Experts OnTap
Experts OnTap
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