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Experts On Tap Review

Experts On Tap is an expert network based in the US that serves the life sciences industry utilizing a network of professionals “on tap.” The life sciences industry refers to the field of research, and development, including areas such as biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and medical technology. As opposed to more traditional networks such as GLG and Third Bridge, they rely much more on open sources and AI-driven matching to find the right candidates. 

Expert on Tap’s clients are often focused on discovering, developing, and commercializing products and therapies that improve human health and well-being. The network connects clients with subject matter specialists specializing in the Pharmaceutical, Diagnostics, Medical Device, and Biotechnology industries.   

Types of experts in their network

Examples of subject matter specialists often needed for short-term consulting engagements:

  1. Biomedical engineer: designs and develops medical equipment and devices
  2. Biotech researcher: conducts laboratory research on living organisms and their processes
  3. Clinical researcher: designs and conducts clinical trials to test the safety and efficacy of new drugs and therapies
  4. Medical laboratory technologist: performs laboratory tests to help diagnose and treat diseases
  5. Medical sales executives: sell medical products and devices to hospitals and clinics
  6. Research scientist: conducts research in a laboratory setting to better understand living organisms and their processes
  7. Regulatory affairs specialist: navigates the regulations and requirements that govern the life sciences industry

Experts On Tap expert network funnel

By utilizing their extensive network of experts, they are able to narrow down on candidates matching precisely with their client’s criteria.

Here is an example of one of the cases, from their webpage:

experts on tap funnel

In the example above, they identified an operations leader focused on supply-chain analysis.

How much can I earn?

The rates vary from project to project. For example, a director-level professional can expect to earn $200-$300 an hour. However, the rates can be significantly higher for a highly regarded senior expert within the life sciences industry. Some of the top experts in the industry command $1000 or more per hour. These experts are typically high-profile executives or industry specialists.

An expert network can be a lucrative alternative stream of earnings. However, it is important to know the compliance rules linked to current and previous employers.

Clients often call on subject matter experts to perform research on a product or service within the life science industry. They are not looking for a yes-man. They want an expert who will provide a disproving view, explain intricate products clearly and concisely, and methodically explain their thoughts. 

A one-hour phone conversation is the most typical way to share expertise with a client, but you’ll also be able to access longer-term consultation gigs through the Experts On Tap platform.

How to become a consultant 

1. Complete your profile

After you have registered and been approved, you’ll be able to access the Expert Portal. Here you can view all open consulting opportunities, modify your engagement preferences, and manage your consultations. Experts On Tap can match your experience and interests with suitable consulting opportunities by uploading your CV.

2. Get consulting opportunities

Your inbox will receive consulting opportunities that match your interests and expertise. A link will appear to let you know if you are interested in joining a consulting opportunity. An Experts OnTap representative will then reach out to discuss details.

3. Consult and get paid

Depending on which type of consultation you qualify for, an Experts On Tap account representative will assist and ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible. Experts OnTap will pay you for the time spent with the client after completing the consultation. 

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