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Techspert Review

Techspert is an expert network based in Cambridge, UK, specialising in the Life Science industry. What sets Techspert apart is their keen focus on utilizing AI to match potential experts with their client’s requirements. Using billions of data points through public information available on the internet, they claim to provide clients with the precise knowledge and insights they need for their projects. This contrasts with more established networks such as GLG, Third Bridge, and AlphaSights that, to a much larger extent, are using proprietary networks.

Why is Techspert contacting me?

All the talk of AI-powered tech on their website sounds great, but what is it really like to be an expert working for them? The challenge with AI-driven companies such as Techspert is that they usually don’t have a direct relationship with potential experts. While more traditional expert networks like GLG maintain an extensive network of experts who have already been vetted and undergone compliance training, Techspert uses open sources such as academic journals, research papers, and clinical trial data to identify and reach out to clients. While this sounds like a good approach, it can be tricky since nobody knows anything about the company. When a completely unknown person from a small company is offering you hundreds of dollars for an hour of your time, it’s quite normal to get suspicious.

Does Techspert spam people?

Did you receive an email from or Techspert’s business model relies, to a large extent, on using public information to identify their experts. However, without having someone’s explicit consent, a company is generally not allowed to process someone’s personal data. For example, extracting email addresses from sources such as LinkedIn and using emails to issue marketing would not comply with GDPR (since email is regarded as personal data). That’s why contacting a new expert is a fine balancing act of explaining the purpose of the email while asking for consent to proceed further. The right way for Techspert to proceed would be to send a LinkedIn message asking for permission to schedule a call or provide a link to register on the network. If they do not obtain permission, they are obliged (under GDPR) to delete all stored data linked to the person.

Looking at reviews on Trustpilot, a large proportion of reviews are positive, with a few exceptions complaining about spam from Techspert. We can’t comment on all the methods Techspert uses to contact people; however, our interactions with them have always been correct, following GDPR guidelines.

Is Techspert legit?

Techspert is a legit company with brick-and-mortar offices and around 100 employees. If you’re contacted, there is no reason to suspect a scam, but you should read through their terms and privacy statements to fully understand what you’re signing up for. Most experts report payments on time within 10 days of the consultation, which is quicker than most other similar companies. Also, Techspert will not ask for or store any of your banking details – payments to experts are handled through the 3rd party platform

What type of life science projects will I be consulting on?

Examples of areas of interest:

  1. Biotechnology: Technology used to study and manipulate living organisms and their processes, with applications in medicine, agriculture, and industry.
  2. Pharmaceuticals: Discovery, development, and commercialization of drugs and other medical products for the treatment and prevention of diseases.
  3. Medical Devices: Design, development, and manufacturing of medical devices for diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring of health conditions.

Examples of projects:

  1. Medical Science Liaison – Consulting healthcare professionals and organizations to provide scientific and educational support for a pharmaceutical company’s products.
  2. Market Access – helps life science companies navigate the complex process of getting their products covered by insurance and government reimbursement programs.
  3. Regulatory Affairs – assists life science companies in navigating the complex regulations and guidelines related to developing and marketing their products.
  4. Clinical Research – helps life science companies design and conduct clinical trials to gather data on the safety and efficacy of their products.
  5. Business Development – helps life science companies identify and pursue new business opportunities and partnerships.
  6. Scientific Communications – provides strategic and scientific communication support to life science companies, such as developing scientific publications and presentations.
  7. Product Development – advises life science companies on developing and launching new products, including product positioning and market analysis.

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