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SurveyCompare Review

Have you seen an ad for SurveyCompare? Wondering if it’s a legit site? In this review, we’ll look closely at one of the most advertised survey-offers on the internet to see if it’s safe and worthwhile signing up for.

Is SurveyCompare legit?

SurveyCompare is a legitimate service that connects you with various survey sites that offer rewards for your opinions. Survey Spotter is another site operating a very similar concept. The company behind, MVF, is a reputable lead generation business based in London. However, you should be aware that by signing up with SurveyCompare, you are agreeing to share your contact information with the survey sites that you select.

This means that you may receive emails from different survey sites inviting you to participate in their surveys. Therefore, it is important to read the terms and conditions carefully before joining: SurveyCompare is not a survey site itself, but a platform that helps you find and join other survey sites. This is similar to how other comparison sites, such as, work, when they enroll you to 3rd party offers.

Run by MVF

SurveyCompare is a lead generation site run by UK-based company MVF (the official company registered is called MARKETING VF LTD). MVF is a marketing agency that generates new leads for clients in different business niches, such as panel providers. 

“We offer either qualified leads or qualified clicks, delivered in real time directly to your sales funnel on a pay per opportunity basis.” MVF website

Working on behalf of market research providers such as Dynata, Ipsos, Toluna and Kantar, MVF gets paid on a CPA (cost per acquisition) or CPL (cost per lead) basis for each new respondent they help to recruit. Each person that signs up to SurveyCompare can sign up for several new survey sites, which means MVF can get paid several times for the same lead. 

Key takeaway: SurveyCompare is not a real panel-site, but a lead generation site for 3rd party panels.

How realistic is their potential earning example?

SurveyCompare makes the following claim on the registration page: “You could earn up to £300/month.*”

In the footnote, they elaborate on the calculation:

“*The amount of money you can earn depends on how many companies you choose to sign up for and how long you want to spend completing surveys. For instance, the average survey pays £3; taking 5 surveys a day, 5 days a week gives £300/month”

How realistic is this?

Indeed, panels promoted on SurveyCompare such as OpinionOutpost, Toluna and LifePoints offer surveys worth between £0.50 and £3. Assuming that all surveys will be paid the top amount, £300 can be achievable within a month. However, the average survey reward per survey for these panels, in our experience, is around £0.75. Using an average of £0.75 per survey, you’ll need to take 400 surveys within a month to reach £300!

Key takeaway: Take the promised earnings with a pinch of salt.

Survey site or lead generation page?

What’s important to remember is that SurveyCompare is not a survey site but a platform where you can sign up for multiple 3rd party panels. So instead of signing up for Toluna, OpinionWorld and LifePoints separately, you can sign up for all three of them simultaneously by providing your registration details once. By accepting several offers, your details will automatically be parsed to 3rd party sites, which will ask you to confirm your registration. 

What about my data? Are they safe with SurveyCompare?

SurveyCompare is run by a legitimate business following data privacy regulations such as GDPR and will not share your personal details without your consent. However, you need to be aware of the following: By clicking on the checkboxes (indicated in the picture below) for different survey offers, your contact details will be shared with multiple 3rd party companies. In digital marketing language, this is called “co-registration campaigns”.


In the example attached, if you sign up for Branded Surveys, Opinion Outpost, Crowdology and Maximiles, you’re consenting to register with 4 separate survey websites. This means you’ll start to receive survey invitations from 4 survey sites, often with multiple survey invitations per day. Next to the checkboxes, you’ll find each site’s T&Cs and Privacy Policies, where you can read how your data will be used.

Key takeaway: Expect to be bombarded with survey invitations if signing up for SurveyCompare.

What are the drawbacks of signing up for SurveyCompare?

Unless you intend to take multiple surveys every single day, you will probably get overwhelmed by signing up for multiple survey sites simultaneously. Instead, we recommend signing up for one survey site at a time, giving you more time to evaluate each site. By doing your own research on sites like HuginX, Trustpilot and SurveyPolice, you’ll get a much better picture of which sites are worth signing up for. 

Is SurveyCompare deliberately misleading users?

We wouldn’t say that SurveyCompare is actively misleading users, but they could be clearer in terms of what service they actually offer. At first sight, you might think is a survey comparison website from the site’s name, while in reality, it’s a lead generation landing page to recruit new respondents. 

Here is a review of Maximiles we found on SurveyCompare:

surveycompare review

“I think working for an employer is good but if you can find another way to earn cash it is a bonus” – 81 people found the review helpful.

Most reviews are extremely positive, and some feedback, like the one above, does not make much sense to us. If SurveyCompare is supposed to be a real comparison website for surveys, we think they should make more efforts to inform their users objectively. 

Key takeaway: SurveyCompare is not really a survey comparison site.

SurveyCompare Pros and Cons

Is SurveyCompare worth your time and effort? Here are the pros and cons of signing up for this site.


– Easy to sign up to multiple survey sites. SurveyCompare is not a survey site itself, but a lead generation site that connects you with other survey sites. This means that you can sign up for multiple survey sites at once, without having to visit each site individually. This can save you some time and hassle, and increase your chances of finding surveys that match your profile and interests.
– Legit lead generation site. SurveyCompare is not a scam, but a legit site that works with reputable survey sites, such as Toluna, Swagbucks, InboxPounds, and more. These are some of the most popular and trusted survey sites in the industry, and they pay their members in cash or gift cards for completing surveys.
– Legit survey offers. The survey sites that SurveyCompare partners with are also legit and offer real surveys from real companies and brands. You won’t have to worry about getting scammed or spammed by fake or malicious surveys.


– Unrealistic promises of survey earnings. SurveyCompare advertises that you can earn up to £300 per month by taking surveys online. However, this is very unlikely and unrealistic, as most surveys pay only a few pence or pounds, and are not available all the time. The amount you can earn depends on many factors, such as your demographics, the number and length of surveys you qualify for, the availability of surveys, and the payout rates of each survey site. You should not expect to make a lot of money or replace your income by taking surveys online.
– Many survey invitations. Signing up for multiple survey sites means that you will receive many survey invitations in your email inbox. This can be overwhelming and annoying, especially if you don’t have the time or interest to take all the surveys. You might also miss out on some good opportunities if you don’t check your email regularly or if the surveys fill up quickly.
– Hard to keep track of what you signed up for. Another downside of signing up for multiple survey sites is that it can be hard to keep track of what you signed up for, what you completed, and what you earned. You will have to log in to each survey site separately to check your account balance, request payments, or redeem rewards. You might also forget your login details or passwords for some sites, or lose track of which sites are worth your time and which ones are not.
– Limited earnings opportunities. Even if you sign up for many survey sites, you might still find that there are not enough surveys for you to take, or that you don’t qualify for many of them. This is because surveys are targeted to specific groups of people based on their age, gender, location, income, education, lifestyle, preferences, and more. You might not fit the criteria for many surveys, or there might not be enough demand for your opinions in the market research industry. This means that your earnings potential is limited by factors beyond your control.


SurveyCompare is a legit site that can help you find some decent survey sites to join, but it is not a magic solution to make money online. You should be aware of the pros and cons of signing up for this site, and have realistic expectations about how much you can earn by taking surveys online. SurveyCompare can be a good option if you enjoy sharing your opinions and don’t mind spending some time and effort on filling out surveys, but it is not a reliable or lucrative source of income.

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SurveyCompare Review Summary
SurveyCompare is a lead generation site operated by UK company MVF. MVF is specialized in helping market research providers such as Dynata and Toluna to recruit new members to their panels. SurveyCompare is a legit site, but keep in mind that your details will be shared with multiple sites at the same time (if you consent to it). Instead of signing up to survey sites through SurveyCompare, we recommend registering directly with each site after checking independent real reviews.
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  • Legit site run by a professional marketing agency
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  • Bombarded with email invitations
  • Not very transparent to users
  • Not a real survey panel
  • Questionable reviews

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