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Survey Spotter Review

Are you curious about Survey Spotter? Do you want to know if it’s a trustworthy site? In this review, we’ll examine one of the most popular survey-offers on the web to see if it’s secure and worth your time.

Is Survey Spotter legit?

Survey Spotter is a genuine service that links you with various survey sites that offer rewards for your feedback. They operate in a very similar way as SurveyCompare, run by MVF. The company behind the landing page, Leadscale Labs, is a reliable lead generation business based in London. However, you should know that by signing up with Survey Spotter, you are consenting to share your contact information with the survey sites that you choose.

This means that you may get emails from different survey sites inviting you to take part in their surveys. Therefore, it is crucial to read the terms and conditions carefully before joining: Survey Spotter is not a survey site itself, but a platform that helps you find and join other survey sites. This is similar to how other comparison sites, such as, work, when they enroll you to 3rd party offers.


Run by Leadscale Labs

Survey Spotter is a website that connects people who want to take online surveys with market research companies that need respondents. It is operated by Leadscale Labs, a UK-based marketing agency that specializes in lead generation for various business sectors, including panel providers.

Leadscale Labs says on its website that it delivers “either qualified leads or qualified clicks, in real time directly to your sales funnel on a pay per opportunity basis.” This means that Leadscale Labs gets paid by market research companies such as Dynata, Ipsos, Toluna and Kantar for every new person that signs up for their surveys through survey spotter. Moreover, since Survey Spotter allows people to join multiple survey sites at once, Leadscale Labs can earn multiple commissions from the same lead.

Key takeaway: Survey Spotter is not an actual panel-site, but a website that generates leads for 3rd party panels.

How realistic is their potential earning example?

Survey Spotter says on the sign-up page that: “You could earn up to £300/month.*”

The footnote explains how they got this number:

“*The amount of money you can earn depends on how many companies you choose to sign up for and how long you want to spend completing surveys. For instance, the average survey pays £3; taking 5 surveys a day, 5 days a week gives £300/month”

Is this true?

Well, some of the panels that Survey Spotter recommends, such as OpinionOutpost, Toluna and LifePoints, have surveys that pay between £0.50 and £3. If you get only the highest-paying surveys, you might be able to make £300 in a month. But, in our experience, most surveys from these panels pay around £0.75 on average. That means you would have to do 400 surveys in a month to get £300!

Key takeaway: Don’t take the advertised earnings too seriously.

How does Survey Spotter work?

Survey Spotter is not a survey site itself, but a service that helps you join multiple survey panels at once. For example, you can register for Toluna, OpinionWorld and LifePoints all at the same time by filling out one form. This way, you don’t have to enter your details multiple times on different sites. When you accept various offers, your information will be automatically sent to the 3rd party sites, which will ask you to confirm your registration.

Is my data safe with Survey Spotter?

Survey Spotter is a legitimate company that follows data privacy laws such as GDPR and will not share your personal information without your permission. However, you should know the following: When you tick the boxes (shown in the picture below) for different survey offers, your contact details will be shared with several 3rd party companies. This is what digital marketers call “co-registration campaigns”.

If you sign up for Branded Surveys, Opinion Outpost, Crowdology and Maximiles, you’re consenting to register with 4 separate survey websites. This means you’ll start to receive survey invitations from 4 survey sites, often with multiple survey invitations per day. Next to the checkboxes, you’ll find each site’s T&Cs and Privacy Policies, where you can read how your data will be used.

Key takeaway: Expect to be bombarded with survey invitations if signing up for Survey Spotter.

How can you avoid the pitfalls of joining Survey Spotter?

Joining multiple survey sites at once may seem like a good way to maximize your earnings, but it can also lead to burnout and frustration. Instead of signing up for every site that comes your way, we suggest you focus on one site at a time and see how it works for you. You can also do some research on sites like HuginX, Trustpilot and SurveyPolice to find out which sites have the best reputation and reviews.

Survey Spotter Pros and Cons

Survey Spotter is not a survey site itself, but a lead generation site that connects you with other survey sites. This means that you don’t take surveys on Survey Spotter, but on the sites that it recommends. The advantage of this is that you can sign up to multiple survey sites at once, increasing your chances of getting survey invitations. Survey Spotter also claims to only work with legit survey sites, so you don’t have to worry about scams or spam.

However, there are also some drawbacks to using Survey Spotter. First of all, the site makes unrealistic promises of how much you can earn from taking surveys. It says that you can earn up to £300 per month, but this is very unlikely unless you spend hours every day taking surveys. The average survey pays only a few pounds, and you might not qualify for many of them. Secondly, by signing up to multiple survey sites, you might get overwhelmed by the number of survey invitations in your inbox.

You might also find it hard to keep track of which sites you signed up for, and what their terms and conditions are. Thirdly, Survey Spotter doesn’t provide much information about the survey sites it recommends. You can’t see their ratings, reviews, or payment methods before you sign up. This makes it harder to compare and choose the best survey sites for you.

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Survey Spotter Review Summary
Survey Spotter is a legit site that can help you find paid surveys, but it also has some limitations. You should not expect to make a lot of money from taking surveys, and you should be careful about signing up to too many survey sites. Survey Spotter might be useful for some people who want to try out different survey sites, but it's not the best option for everyone.
  • Easy to sign up to multiple survey sites
  • Legit lead generation site
  • Legit survey offers
  • Unrealistic promises of survey earnings
  • Many survey invitations
  • Hard to keep track of what you signed up for
  • Limited earnings opportunities
  • Information not helpful

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