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Survey World Review

In this Survey World review, I will share my experience of joining and using the site, as well as the pros and cons of signing up for the survey sites they promote. I will also compare Survey World with other similar sites and give my honest recommendation on whether it is worth your time and effort.

Is Survey World legit?

Is Survey World a legitimate gig? This is a question that many people may have when they encounter this platform. First of all, we like the fact that they are transparent about their parent company, Leadgency Marketing BV, which is a legit Dutch business. Also, one of the arguments in favour of Survey World’s legitimacy is that the site is not scamming people out of their money. Users are not asked to provide any financial information such as credit card numbers or bank accounts to join or participate in the surveys.

Users are also not required to pay any fees or subscriptions to access the platform. However, it is also important to be aware of the negative aspects highlighted in our review and be critical when redirected to third-party platforms offered through their portal. While SurveyWorld is legit, you still need to carefully review each site they promote.

survey world review

What about my data?

For a survey site like Survey World, you might be tempted to skip reading the privacy policy and just sign up for the rewards. However, it is still important to consider how your personal data will be used and shared by the site and the offers they promote. For example, did you know that many survey sites share both your profile information and your survey answers with 3rd party companies, without you having much control over this process once your data have been shared? It is particularly important to check the privacy policies when signing up for survey sites since you are essentially selling your private data.

survey world review

Run by Leadgency Marketing BV

Survey World is a website that connects people who want to take online surveys with market research companies that need respondents. It is operated by Leadgency Marketing BV, a Netherlands-based marketing agency that specializes in lead generation for various business sectors, including panel providers. This means that Leadgency Marketing BV gets paid by market research companies such as Dynata, Ipsos, Toluna and Kantar for every new person that signs up for their surveys through SurveyWorld.

Key takeaway: Survey World is not an actual panel-site, but a website that generates leads for 3rd party panels.

How does Survey World work?

Survey World is a website that invites people to sign up for online surveys and earn rewards. However, Survey World is not a market research company itself, but rather a lead generation service that connects potential survey takers with various survey sites. This is similar to how many other lead generation companies operate, such as SurveyCompare (MVF) and Survey Spotter (Leadscale). These are marketing agencies specialized in recruiting research participants through ads on channels such as Instagram, TikTok and Google Search. Their clients are market research companies like Dynata, Toluna, Ipsos, Kantar and Nielsen.

The owner of Survey World, Leadgency Marketing BV, is based in the Netherlands and operates several other similar websites. Leadgency Marketing BV makes money by selling leads to market research companies that are looking for research participants. By signing up for Survey World, users agree to share their personal information and preferences with Leadgency Marketing BV and its partners, and to receive emails and offers from them. Users also agree to the terms and conditions of each survey site they are redirected to, which may vary depending on the survey provider.

survey world review

Survey World Pros and Cons

On the positive side, Survey World is easy to use and allows you to sign up for multiple survey sites. It is a legit lead generation site that works with survey companies and offers you a variety of surveys to choose from. You can find surveys on topics such as health, entertainment, shopping, travel, and more. Some of the surveys pay well and offer rewards such as gift cards, cash, or sweepstakes entries.

On the negative side, Survey World does not seem to be very critical when it comes to the types of offers they promote. That’s why we recommend to be careful and do due diligence before signing up for anything. You will also end up getting A LOT of survey invitations that can clutter your inbox and make it hard to keep track of what you signed up for. Moreover, many of the surveys have strict eligibility criteria and low completion rates, which means you might waste a lot of time and not get paid. Additionally, the information that Survey World provides about the survey sites is not very helpful or accurate. It does not tell you how much each survey pays, how long it takes, or what the rewards are.

User Reviews

Trustpilot: 2.3/5 has a low rating on Trustpilot, with only 2.3 stars out of 5. Most of the reviewers are dissatisfied with the site, claiming that they never received their payments or that they stopped getting surveys when they were close to cashing out. Some also complain about the lack of customer support and the confusing website design. It seems that does not value its users or respect their time and effort.

surveyworld review

4.5Expert Score
Survey World Review Summary
It's not always clear to the user that Survey World is not a real survey site. After all this is just a landing page, redirecting users to the actual survey sites. However, we like the fact that they are transparent about the parent company. As a lead generation company, Leadgency Marketing BV, earns a commission each time a user signs up through their page. Nothing wrong with this, but keep in mind that the 3rd party offers they are promoting are completely different websites with separate T&Cs and privacy policies. Caution required!
  • Transparent to respondents which company is behind the website.
  • Not always clear to the user that Survey World is not a real survey site.

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