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Say and Play Caesar Surveys

The Say and Play survey site rewards its members with Caesars Rewards Credits for completing surveys. You can redeem your Caesars Reward Credits in various ways, such as booking free hotel nights or planning a fantastic evening out playing at the casino and enjoying a show. Sounds too good to be true? In this review, we’re taking a closer look to see if taking Caesar Surveys is worth your time.

How does it work?

Like any other survey site, Say and Play allows you to share your shopping experiences and opinions with market research agencies and brands looking to collect insights. You can help them make the best products and services by sharing your opinions. What’s unique about Say and Play is that you’ll only have one specific reward option: Caesar Rewards. For each survey you complete, you’ll earn Reward Credits, which will be transferred to your main Caesar Rewards account.

What is Cesar Rewards?

Caesars Rewards is a loyalty program offered by Caesars Entertainment, a leading provider of casino and resort services. The company was initially established as Harrah’s Entertainment in Reno, Nevada in 1937, but it has since grown to become one of the largest gaming companies in the world with a focus on the Las Vegas market. Today, Caesars Entertainment operates numerous properties in Las Vegas and other destinations worldwide, offering its customers a wide range of gaming, entertainment, and hotel services. The company’s flagship property in Las Vegas is Caesars Palace, considered one of the city’s most iconic hotels and casinos.

caesar rewards account

Caesar Rewards rewards members spending money at any of the Caesars properties, which include a variety of hotels, casinos, and resorts. Members can earn rewards points for hotel stays, dining, shopping, and gaming, and they can use them to redeem rewards, such as hotel stays, free casino plays, dining experiences, entertainment tickets, and more. The program also offers various tiers of membership, which come with additional benefits and rewards based on the member’s level of play.

How do I sign up for Caesar Surveys?

You can only sign up for Say and Play if you already have an existing member account with the loyalty program Caesar Rewards. When joining the panel, you are asked to enter your Caesear Rewards membership number. If you’re not a member of Caesear Rewards yet, you can quickly register for a free account and return to the Say and Play join page to finalize the registration process. Once signed up, you’ll be asked to fill in your basic profiling information, such as gender, age, postal code, occupation, income, and purchasing habits.

How your data is handled

Your data is handled by a legit market research company called Dynata. When signing up, you will share personal information, such as your email and zip code. When taking surveys, you’ll be asked questions on various topics, such as your shopping habits or media consumption. Your survey answers will be shared with Dynata’s market research clients, excluding personal data such as your email address and phone number. Dynata respects local US laws and regulations such as the CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act), which gives you the right to control how your personal information is handled. Examples of rights:

  1. Right to Know: Consumers have the right to request that a business disclose what personal information it has collected about them, the sources of that information, and the purposes for which it will be used.
  2. Right to Delete: Consumers can request that businesses delete their personal information, subject to certain exceptions.
  3. Right to Opt-Out: Consumers can opt out of selling their personal information by a business.

How do I get invited to paid surveys? 

It’s straightforward. As soon as you’re signed up to the panel, you’ll receive survey invitations to participate in surveys which will earn you Reward Credits. Don’t despair if you don’t qualify for your first few surveys; you’ll get redirected until you finally arrive at a survey that you are fully qualified to conduct. Remember to fill out as much as possible of your profiling information, which makes it easier to match you with surveys.

How to earn rewards on Say and Play

The essential advantage of the Say and Play community is the rewards program which is exclusively dedicated to the Caesar Rewards program. Users earn points by taking surveys directly transferred to the main Caesar Rewards program. Unlike other survey sites, you won’t be able to redeem your points in return for Paypal or cash. Still, on the other hand, you’ll get an additional opportunity to accumulate Reward Credits which can be redeemed through Caesar Rewards.

How much can I make taking Caesar Surveys?

First of all, you’ll get a join bonus of 500 Caesar Reward Credits for signing up AND completing your first full survey. After that, you’ll earn credits for each survey you’ll complete. The reward level per survey depends on the length and topic of the survey. As an example, a 15-minute survey on a business topic might earn you 100 Credits while a 5-minute survey on soda drinks might earn you 25 Credits. In our experience, the average amount per survey is around 45 Caesar Reward Credits. How much Caesar Reward Credits are worth, largely depends on how you redeem your points. As an example, you’ll get $1 in bonus cash for every 100 Reward Credits, which can be used to place sports wagers or play in the online casino.

Who should consider joining?

It will take you a while to accumulate enough Reward Credits to make it worth it. So if you’re eager to earn free Credits and have some spare time, this is not a bad site to register with. After all, this is pretty much the only way you can earn free Reward Credits without spending any money. All the other ways of earning Caesar Credits involve making purchases. This makes Say and Play an attractive offer for customers such as:

  • Gamblers and casino enthusiasts who enjoy playing slot machines, table games, and other forms of gambling
  • Tourists who are visiting Las Vegas for sightseeing and other attractions
  • Couples and families who are looking for a fun and memorable vacation experience
  • Food and drink enthusiasts interested in trying out the wide range of dining options offered by Caesars properties.

Is Points for Thoughts a legit survey site?

The Say and Play survey site is operated by a company called Dynata. Dynata is an official partner of Caesar Rewards and one of the world’s leading market research providers. As long as you sign up using the official website, you can rest assured that this is legit. 

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Say and Play Review Summary
Say and Play is a survey site exclusively for members of the Caesar Rewards program which is tied to the Caesar Entertainment Group. While you won't be receiving enough credits to book a full weekend in Las Vegas by taking surveys on its own, earning points through Say and Play can be a good way to top up your existing account. Especially if you're already an active member of Caesar Reward.
Survey Experience
Survey Matching
Incentive Level
Redeeming Rewards
  • Great for Caesar Rewards members
  • Automatic transfer of credits to your main account
  • You don't have to spend anything to earn free purchases
  • Join bonus of 500 Reward Credits
  • Relatively low monetary value per survey

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Say and Play Caesar Surveys
Say and Play Caesar Surveys
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