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Surveyeah Review

If you are looking for an online gig that pays you for sharing your opinions, you might have come across Surveyeah, a survey site that claims to offer high-quality surveys and rewards. But is Surveyeah really worth your time and effort? How does it compare to other survey sites in terms of pay, variety, and reliability? In this review, I will investigate Surveyeah from the perspective of a market research professional and a gig seeker, and reveal the pros and cons of joining this site.

What is Surveyeah?

Surveyeah, part of Tradatech SRL, headquartered in Italy, is an online consumer panel. By registering, you will participate in market research to outline the features of products not yet launched on the market. You will receive the paid surveys by email and when you complete them you will earn rewards. Surveyeah is a free panel that connects organizations with people who want to complete online surveys. The site is based in 120 countries and has over 2 million members. It has a variety of surveys, and you can choose to participate in as many or as few as you want. However, you should consider the fact that the earning potential of the panel is not as high as that of other survey sites.

Is Surveyeah legit?

One of the main reasons why Surveyeah is not a scam is that it does not ask users to provide any financial information, such as credit card numbers, bank accounts, or PayPal details. Users can withdraw their earnings through methods such as Amazon gift cards, Skrill, or charity donations. Surveyeah also has a transparent privacy policy that explains how they collect and use personal data from users.

However, Surveyeah is not without its drawbacks. Some of the negative aspects that we found in our review are:

  • The availability of surveys is limited and depends on the user’s profile and location. Users may not receive many invitations or qualify for many surveys.
  • The payout threshold is relatively high ($10 for Amazon gift cards and $25 for Skrill) and it may take a long time to reach it.
  • The rewards are not very generous compared to other survey platforms. Users can expect to earn around $0.5 to $1 per survey, which may take 10 to 20 minutes to complete.
  • The site redirects users to third-party platforms that offer surveys or other opportunities, such as product testing, online panels, etc. These platforms may have different terms and conditions, privacy policies, and reward systems than Surveyeah. Users should be careful and critical when they join these platforms and make sure they are trustworthy and reliable.

In conclusion, we can say that Surveyeah is a legit site that is not scamming people, but it has some limitations and drawbacks that users should be aware of. It is important to be critical and cautious when using online survey platforms and always do your research before joining them.

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How do I get started?

To get started, you’ll need to provide your email address, your gender, your age, and your country. After you complete the profile, you will be sent emails with surveys matching your preferences. Each survey will specify how much you’ll earn, and you can also choose to donate your earnings to a charity. When you’re ready, you can choose to request payment via PayPal, Skrill, or Western Union.

Surveyeah Dashboard

Surveyeah Dashboard

Qualifying for surveys

The main problem with Surveyeah is that it is difficult to qualify for the surveys, and you may get directed to another survey opportunity if you do not meet the qualifications. You may also be screened out of a survey halfway through, in which case you should complain to their helpdesk. The survey site is easy to use, and it has many features that make it easy to participate in surveys. You’ll need to find the right way to use Surveyeah to maximize your earning potential.

Surveyeah Survey Dashboard

Surveyeah Survey Dashboard

Redeeming your rewards

Once you’ve reached a threshold, you can request a withdrawal from Surveyeah. You’ll have to meet certain requirements to redeem your points. For example, if you want to receive PayPal payments, you’ll have to complete surveys in German, English, and French. You can also choose to donate your rewards to a charity if you wish. You don’t have to worry about safety as the site is very secure and your information is kept completely private.

Upon reaching the threshold of 10 euros (dollars – pounds), and in multiples of 10 euros (dollars – pounds), you can choose from:

  • Amazon gift voucher
  • eBooks
  • Zalando gift voucher
  • Decathlon gift voucher
  • PayPal account (when the threshold is reached)
  • Donate the balance to charity

User reviews of Surveyeah

Trustpilot: 4.6/5

Trustpilot is one of the most popular review sites for Surveyeah, with over 6,800 reviews and an excellent rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars. Most reviewers praise Surveyeah for its fast and easy payments, its wide range of topics and surveys, and its responsive customer service. Some reviewers also appreciate the option to donate their rewards to charity. However, some reviewers complain about not qualifying for many surveys, getting screened out after answering some questions, or receiving few survey invitations. These issues are common among survey sites and depend on various factors such as demographics, availability, and demand.

SurveyPolice: 3/5
SurveyPolice is another well-known review site for survey panels, where Surveyeah has an average rating of 3 out of 5 stars based on 20 reviews. Some reviewers like Surveyeah for its quick and reliable payouts via PayPal or Amazon vouchers, its fun and interesting surveys, and its privacy policy. Some reviewers also mention that Surveyeah has a low minimum threshold for redeeming rewards compared to other survey sites. However, some reviewers dislike Surveyeah for its low frequency of surveys, its high disqualification rate, and its lack of other reward options such as gift cards or sweepstakes entries.

Swift Salary: 3.9/5
Swift Salary is a website that provides reviews and tips on how to make money online, where Surveyeah has an overall earner score of 3.9 out of 5 based on research and user reviews. According to Swift Salary, Surveyeah is a legit survey site that offers decent earning opportunities for panelists who are looking for some extra cash or vouchers. Swift Salary highlights Surveyeah’s strengths such as its fast and easy registration process, its simple and user-friendly website design, and its multiple payment methods including PayPal, Amazon, Skrill, Western Union, Moneygram, and donations. Swift Salary also points out Surveyeah’s weaknesses such as its limited availability in some countries, its low number of surveys per month, and its lack of referral program or other ways to earn more.

Surveyeah Trustpilot Review 5 Stars

Surveyeah Trustpilot Review 5 Stars

Surveyeah Trustpilot Review 3 Stars

Surveyeah Trustpilot Review 3 Stars

Surveyeah Trustpilot Review 1 Star

Surveyeah Trustpilot Review 1 Star

Surveyeah Pros and Cons


One of the positive aspects of Surveyeah is that it appreciates its loyal survey takers. It rewards them with bonus points for completing a certain number of surveys per month. For example, if you complete 10 surveys in a month, you get 50 bonus points. If you complete 20 surveys, you get 100 bonus points, and so on. These points can be redeemed for cash via PayPal or gift cards from Amazon, iTunes, and other popular brands.

Another positive aspect of Surveyeah is that it has a friendly helpdesk support team that responds to queries and issues promptly. You can contact them via email or phone, and they will try to assist you as soon as possible. They also have a FAQ section on their website that answers some common questions about the site.


However, Surveyeah also has some negative aspects that make it less appealing as a gig. One of the main drawbacks is that it has many screenout questions that can waste your time and frustrate you. Screenout questions are those that determine if you qualify for a survey or not. Sometimes, you might answer several questions before finding out that you are not eligible for the survey. This can be very annoying and discouraging.

Another drawback of Surveyeah is that it is hard to qualify for the surveys in the first place. The site has a low availability of surveys, and the available ones are often very specific and targeted. This means that you might not fit the criteria for most of the surveys, and end up with no opportunities to earn points.

A third drawback of Surveyeah is that the questions are not always asked intuitively. Sometimes, the questions are vague, ambiguous, or confusing. For example, you might be asked to rate something on a scale of 1 to 10, but the meaning of the scale is not clear. Is 1 the best or the worst? What does 5 mean? Other times, the questions are worded in a way that makes it hard to understand what they are asking. For example, you might be asked to agree or disagree with a statement that is too long or complex.

A fourth drawback of Surveyeah is that the questionnaire can be hard to understand the meaning of. Sometimes, the questionnaire is poorly designed or formatted, making it difficult to follow the logic or flow of the survey. For example, you might be asked to answer multiple questions on one page, but the questions are not related or connected. Other times, the questionnaire is too long or repetitive, making it tedious.

A fifth drawback of Surveyeah is that it is hard to plot the answers on mobile devices. The site is not very mobile-friendly, and some of the surveys are not compatible with smartphones or tablets. This means that you might have trouble seeing or clicking on the options, or scrolling through the pages. This can affect your accuracy and speed of completing the surveys.

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Surveyeah Review Summary
In conclusion, Surveyeah is a legit survey site that has some positive aspects, such as appreciating loyal survey takers and having friendly helpdesk support. However, it also has many negative aspects, such as having many screenout questions, being hard to qualify for surveys, having unclear or confusing questions, having poorly designed questionnaires, and being hard to use on mobile devices. These drawbacks outweigh the benefits of joining Surveyeah as a gig. Therefore, I would recommend looking for better gigs on HuginX.
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  • Appreciative of loyal survey takers
  • Legit survey site with professional surveys
  • Friendly helpdesk support
  • Many screenout questions
  • Hard to qualify
  • Questions are not always asked in an intuitive way
  • The questionnaire can be hard to understand the meaning of
  • Hard to plot the answers on mobile devices

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