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SpeakIn Review

If you’re an expert in your field looking to share your knowledge and insights with others, Speakin may be an opportunity to consider. In this review, we’ll explore the benefits and drawbacks of joining Speakin as an expert and whether it’s worth your time and effort.

A learning platform

Speakin’s primary focus is on the Asian market and the firm is headquartered in Singapore. While Speakin also offers traditional expert network services targeted towards financial investors and consultancies, they have focused more on the educational aspect than any other similar firm. The Speakin website claims they cover over 1800 experts and 1000 coaches providing 1-on-1 coaching, group speaker sessions and self-paced videos, blogs and podcasts. 

A benefit for experts signing up for Speakin is that they gain access to a wide network of clients seeking advice and insights from experts in various fields.

Two concrete examples of typical target groups and subjects for expert advice calls on Speakin might include a startup founder seeking guidance on scaling their business, or an investment manager looking for insights on the latest industry trends. Regardless of the field, Speakin aims to connect clients with experts who can provide valuable insights and advice to help them achieve their goals.

By signing up for Speakin, users have the opportunity to leverage their expertise to earn additional income and expand their professional network. Additionally, clients benefit from the insights and guidance provided by experienced professionals in their respective fields. In this way, Speakin is a platform that provides a win-win situation for both experts and clients seeking advice and knowledge.

Key features of SpeakIn GROW include:

  • An assessment-driven personality report to ensure each learning session is customised
  • The ability to book 1:1 coaching and 1:Many learning sessions, virtually and in-person
  • The availability of e-Learning videos, podcasts, blogs and live interactions is customised to suit the individual’s requirements.

Commenting on GROW, Deepshikha Kumar, Founder and CEO of SpeakIn, said, “SpeakIn GROW brings 1-on-1 coaching to professionals across Asia so that they can learn from experts and

Lack of transparency

One area where Speakin could improve is in its transparency regarding earning possibilities for experts. While the platform does offer paid tasks such as expert calls and other types of 1-to-1 sessions, there is little concrete information unless you dig into the small text. As an example, the payment term of 45 days is buried deep within the terms.

This lack of transparency can be frustrating for experts looking to monetize their knowledge and expertise through the platform. It can also lead to a potentially inconsistent stream of income, as experts may not have a clear idea of how much they can expect to earn or how often paid tasks will be available.

Another area where Speakin falls short is in its complex privacy policy and terms, which may be confusing or off-putting for some potential experts. Both the terms and the privacy policy are lengthy and difficult to navigate, which may make it challenging for experts to understand how their personal information is being used and shared. It’s not even possible to search within the page, as their terms are displayed as an image.

Furthermore, the privacy policy may be a barrier to entry for experts in highly regulated industries, such as healthcare or finance, who are required to comply with strict data privacy laws and regulations. Without a clear understanding of how their personal information will be handled, these experts may be reluctant to join the platform.

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