Dynata and Norwegian Air Expand Partnership

Dynata and Norwegian Air have decided to expand their partnership to cover 4 new countries in addition to their existing cooperation in the UK. The partnership allows for Norwegian Reward members to earn free CashPoints by registering and completing online surveys.

norwegian air surveys
Norwegian Reward members in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland can now earn free CashPoints by taking surveys through Dynata’s platform. Photo: Norwegian Air.

12 000 Norwegian Reward members taking surveys

In a post on LinkedIn, Dynata commented on the new development: “Building on the launch of our partnership with Norwegian airlines in the UK four years ago, we’ve recently expanded our ‘Surveys for CashPoints’ panels to cover Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. Participants earn CashPoints for every survey they take, which can be redeemed for flights, extra baggage and more, to upgrade their travels.”

According to Dynata, the new partnership will add 12 000 survey takers in the 4 countries, leading to a significant increase in their capacity to conduct surveys in the region.

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Websites where you can sign up for Norwegian air surveys:

Norway: https://www.surveysforcashpoints.no/

Sweden: https://www.surveysforcashpoints.se/

Denmark: https://www.surveysforcashpoints.dk/

Finland: https://www.surveysforcashpoints.fi/

UK: https://www.surveysforcashpoints.com/

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