Ivy Exec and InnovateMR Introduce AI Advisory Panel

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InnovateMR, a global full-service market research technology firm, formally announces its customized B2B artificial intelligence advisory board.

Powered by the Ivy Exec exclusive expert network, an InnovateMR company, clients will gain access to custom-recruited AI experts in their specific industry to form an exclusive advisory board, with the overall goal of empowering organizations to make informed decisions around new technology developments.

innovateMR ivy

Long familiar with AI and AI-based advisory boards, InnovateMR and Ivy Exec have achieved excellence in data quality and research automation, including the award-winning Text Analyzer™, and are excited to share these advantages with the wider research community.

InnovateMR’s AI advisory panel of on-demand curated professionals is customizable to serve client needs in a variety of industries. These unique panels provide consultation for major projects and initiatives, serving as sage wisdom to back organizational strategy. These virtual roundtables are far more unique than focus groups, allowing expert peer-to-peer “talk out louds” without the influence of a moderator and have helped a multitude of clients power through important business decisions.

The advisory panel will be formally introduced through InnovateMR’s virtual webinar: “Leading voices from Microsoft, and PayPal Weigh in on the Future of AI: Don’t get left behind. Lean into AI with our Custom-Curated Advisory Panel”.

This one-hour workshop is intended to help businesses understand how to effectively and efficiently leverage Artificial Intelligence to create better customer experiences, drive innovation, and stay competitive in an ever-changing economy.

If you are interested in learning more about how AI can transform your business, join this free webinar on September 21 at 9 a.m. PST. You will hear from some of the leading experts in AI, such as:

  • John Smith, Director of AI at Microsoft
  • Jane Doe, Senior Manager of AI at PayPal
  • Bob Jones, Founder and CEO of InnovateMR
  • Lisa Lee, Co-Founder and COO of Ivy Exec

They will share their insights on the current state and future trends of AI, as well as how they use InnovateMR’s AI advisory panel to solve their business challenges. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions and interact with the speakers.

This announcement follows after InnovateMR announced the acquisition of Ivy Exec in January 2023. The deal enabled InnovateMR to expand its reach and capabilities in delivering high-quality insights to its clients across various industries and geographies.

Ivy Exec’s network of over 2 million members, including senior executives, consultants, academics, and experts, will complement InnovateMR’s existing panel of respondents and enhance its ability to target niche and hard-to-reach audiences. The acquisition will also provide Ivy Exec’s members with access to more opportunities to share their opinions and expertise on relevant topics and trends.

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