Earn Fuel Rewards Points on e-Rewards by taking Surveys

Dynata Fuel Rewards

PDI Technologies, the convenience retail technology company that powers the Fuel Rewards® program at Shell, has teamed up with Texas-based market research provider Dynata. This should be good news for Fuel Rewards members, who get an opportunity to earn additional points by taking surveys.

This collaboration will allow Fuel Rewards members to join Dynata’s exclusive e-Rewards panel, which we have previously reviewed on HuginX. The Fuel Rewards program is a loyalty program that lets members save money on gas at participating Shell stations. Members can earn points by shopping at partner merchants, linking their credit or debit cards, and from now on – taking surveys on the e-Rewards panel. The positive thing about earning loyalty points by taking surveys is that you don’t need to spend any money. On the other hand, it can be quite time-consuming to take surveys, so it all depends on what your priorities are.

Dynata Fuel Rewards

This strategic partnership enhances Dynata’s unparalleled panel reach, which they claim to include nearly 70 million consumers and business professionals worldwide. It also reaffirms the company’s mission to provide high-quality data and actionable insights to researchers, brands and agencies across the globe. Dynata says the growth in panel size, will give them a unique competitive edge in the market, especially in North America, with such a large consumer data pool.

“Dynata’s collaboration with PDI Technologies shows our company’s commitment to delivering the best-in-class, most-differentiated data and research solutions to customers while offering consumers rewards that they truly appreciate,” claimed Ryan Jantz, Dynata’s EVP of panel and partnerships. “This initiative not only improves sample quality and diversity through PDI’s integration into Dynata’s research panel, but it also improves benefits for existing panel members, reinforcing Dynata’s dedication to retention and continued improvement of the respondent experience.”

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