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Free Norwegian Air Points: CashPoints Surveys Review

The Surveys for CashPoints website offers members of Norwegian Airlines to earn free points by taking surveys. We’ve reviewed this Norwegian Reward partner to see if signing up and taking surveys regularly is worth the effort.

What is Norwegian Reward?

Norwegian Reward is a loyalty program offered by the low-cost airline Norwegian Air. The program allows members to earn points, called CashPoints, for flights, hotel stays, and car rentals booked through the Norwegian website. These points can then be used to redeem free flights, upgrades, and other rewards. Membership is free, and members can earn points regardless of the fare type they choose.

norwegian air surveys

Is it worth the time taking Norwegian Air Surveys? Photo: Norwegian Air

Is Surveys for CashPoints a legit site?

It’s important to remember that Surveys for CashPoins is not run by Norwegian Air. This is a survey site run by one of their official partners, a legit market research company called Dynata. The way it works is that Norwegian Air will invite its loyalty program members to join the survey site. Once you’ve signed up for the new site, you’ll receive surveys from Dynata. The concept is simple; Dynata will sell your survey answers to their clients, and you’ll get a share of their revenue through CashPoints.

What about my data – are they safe?

First, the personal information you submit on the site is controlled by Dynata, not Norwegian Air. Dynata will share your survey answers with their clients, which will analyse the data for market research purposes. Your contact details, such as email address and telephone number, will be confidential and will generally not be shared (unless you provide your explicit consent). Dynata adheres to data privacy regulations such as GDPR, which means they’ll need to clearly explain how your data is used and for what purpose. If in doubt, we recommend checking the privacy policy, which outlines how your different data points are used.

How do I sign up for Norwegian Air surveys?

This is an exclusive panel for Norwegian Reward Members (the loyalty program of Norwegian Air). You’ll need to provide your Norwegian reward member number when signing up through the website. Don’t despair if you’re not a member yet; go to the Norwegian airline’s website to sign up. It’s free to register. Once you’ve signed up, the process is identical to signing up with other standard survey panels. You’ll be asked to double-opt in by confirming your email address. Then you’ll fill out several profiling questions to be matched with survey opportunities.

How do I earn Norwegian CashPoints?

Each Norwegian CashPoint is worth 1 Norwegian Krone (NOK), which equals ~$0.1 when writing this review. You’ll get between 1 and 10 CashPoint for each survey you complete. When testing the panel, we got an average of 5 CashPoints per survey, which equals 5 NOK or 0.50 USD. From time to time, they’ll also run a special campaign where you get 50 CashPoints when signing up AND completing your first survey. This is quite attractive, but make sure to check beforehand if the join bonus is available. Normally the join bonus will be advertised on the site as part of the registration form or in the email you received.

Examples of survey opportunities:

  • Survey on electric vehicles – 10 minutes – 5 CashPoints ($0.5)
  • Grocery shopping survey – 12 minutes – 5 CashPoints ($0.5)
  • Mobile phone survey – 6 minutes – 4 CashPoints ($0.4)
  • Online casino survey – 8 minutes – 4 CashPoints ($0.4)

Pointless membership levels

The survey platform is powered by Dynata and is almost identical to their other sites such as OpinionWorld and OpinionOutpost. Besides the logo and the rewards currency, this survey site follows the exact same template encouraging you to reach higher tiers, such as Silver and Gold, to keep you engaged. While it’s a good idea to reward loyal members over time, Dynata is not transparent about what you get from these tiers. It sounds very exclusive with Platinum and Diamond levels, but what’s the point when you don’t know what perks or additional rewards you get by achieving these tiers? 

dynata membership levels

Dynata’s very confusing loyalty tiers.

We really like the simplicity of the Norwegian Reward loyalty program. A flat structure of just one single status level for everyone makes it easy for flyers to understand how many points they get for what. From that perspective, it’s disappointing to see one of their official partners overcomplicating things by creating five pointless tiers, creating total confusion for the user.

How do I redeem CashPoints?

Luckily, your CashPoint will be transferred from your survey account to your main Norwegian Reward account automatically. In this way, you don’t need to remember to make any manual requests. The transfer is not instant though; it can take a few days to see the CashPoint in your main account.

5.8Expert Score
Surveys for CashPoints Review Summary
We only recommend signing up when the 50 CashPoint join-bonus is available. Taking surveys on a regular basis on the other hand is not the greatest earning opportunity. Minus points for a complicated and unclear membership tier system.
Survey Experience
Survey Matching
Incentive Level
Redeeming Rewards
  • Your rewards are automatically transferred to your main Norwegian account
  • Free CashPoints without having to spend any money
  • Low rewards taking regular surveys
  • Unclear rewards tiers
  • Join-bonus not always available

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Norwegian Air CashPoints Surveys
Norwegian Air CashPoints Surveys
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